These 8 Cities Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas And Their GolGappa Joints That You Must Visit!

golgappa joints

Ohhhh, this one is going to be a tough ride, to sit through this narration while imagining the crispy, tangy, tongue tingling spicy treats blasting in my mouth!


No matter what I do, and why I do it, this reason to life will never fade away.

No matter what city I go or work in, I have to have Golgappe 5 times a week! Do you feel the same too? If yes, then we are riding on the spicy boat 😉

And guess what is the high point in a Golgappa story? They are available in almost every city you go to! Wherever you are in the country, you will get them. Maybe with a different name, with a different appeal, and prepared with slightly different technique with minor variations due to the local tastes, these yummilicious treats are heaven, residing in all the cities.

Let’s have a look at the names and forms of Golgappe as they are available n these 8 cities. Along with some of the most famous GolGappa Joints in those cities who take pride in serving Golgappas!

1.  Amchi Mumbai’s Pani Puri Chatkaaredaar

No match for Mumbai Pani Puri, as it is lovingly christened in the city of Marathas. There is a unique flavour to pani puri here, which probably is due to the presence of usual salt in the sea laced air. Yes, some joints are famous for using Bisleri water for their pani puri, so those who are high on hygiene quotient, can have as much as they want, without getting worried of the bacteria.

Some Most Famous Pani Puri Joints In Mumbai

  • Elco Market – Hill Road, Bandra West
  • Bhagatchand Tarachand – Mumbadevi Commercial Centre in Zaveri Bazaar
  • Vithal Bhelwala- Near CST
  • Breach Candy- There’s a tiny little stall there that provides yummilicious panipuri. Location would be, near Breach Candy Hospital, Warden Road
  • Jai Jhulelal Snacks- Mulund Station Road, Vidya Vihar, Mulund West
  • Shivkripa Panipuri Stall- Thane West, near John Baptist school
  • Appointment- Seven Bungalows, Andheri West
  • Bajrang Chaat Centre- Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road, near Greenfields Society


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