These 8 Cities Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas And Their GolGappa Joints That You Must Visit!

golgappa joints

7.  Mhaare Jaipur Ke Patasha/ Patashi/ Pani Patashe

This Royal Rajgharaana city is famous for the street food they have on offer, specially their Rajasthani treats. Pani Patasha is an integral part o their street food tales. And they make it with all the folk love they have in them.

Some Popular Pathasha Joints In Jaipur Are:

  • Bajaj Nagar Market Area – A Bihari Patasha seller is the most famous there.
  • Chawla’s- Fashion Street, Lane No.1, Raja Park
  • Nand’s Gol Gappa’s- Opposite Golgappe At Chawla’s
  • Ridhi Sidhi Sweets- Mansarovar


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