These 8 Cities Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas And Their GolGappa Joints That You Must Visit!

golgappa joints

6.  Nagpur’ s Panipuri With A Difference 

The city famous for oranges has a spicy side to it too. The people here are avid food lovers. And we have live examples too. Nagpur sells Panu Puri, as they call it, only after their loving neighbour Mumbai. The preparation is also more or less same as Mumbai and Pune Pani Pari.

Some Famous Pani Puris You Can Eat At: 

  • Jai Ambe Chaat Corner- Opposite Crescent Hospital, Dhantoli
  • Tuhi Nirankar Swadisht Panipuri- Outside Traffic Park (Must have, it’s a brand there already)
  • Mathuravasi Chaat Centre- Pannalal Devdiya Hindi Shaala, Nanga Putla Chowk, Itwari (The speciality is the mango-mint water they use instead of the usual imli ka pani)
  • Gurukrupa Chaat Centre- Beside Durga Mata Mandir in Pratap Nagar. Do whatever, do not miss this if you are in Nagpur. They are famous for offering three types of Golgappas (khatta, meetha, teekha), and the khatta one is known to have as many as 41 spices in it!


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