These 8 Cities Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas And Their GolGappa Joints That You Must Visit!

golgappa joints

4.  Bangalore’s Delight (Whatever You Wish To Call Them)

Well, there is no particular name for this little treat in the city. You can address them depending on the city you are coming from. The local sellers understand it all. Here, they make a subtle version of the Golgappas and make them appropriate as per the taste of people coming from various towns.

Some Places In Bangalore To Taste The Golgappas At:

  • Anand Sweets – The only place in Bangalore probably, where you can get tasty Golgappas that are hygienic too.
  • Rakesh Pani Puri and Chaat- Jayanagar
  • Shubh Sweets- HSR Layout, Sector 1
  • Anil Kumar’s Panipuri- New BEL Road
  • Thengu Mane- Rajaji Nagar (The speciality here are the coconut water filled golgappas)
  • Ramraj’s Pani Puri- Frazer Town


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