These 8 Cities Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas And Their GolGappa Joints That You Must Visit!

golgappa joints

8.  Lucknow Ki Raajsi Patashi

This city is word wide famous for its Lucknawi cuisines and royal offerings. Patashi is the spicy and tangy part of these raajsi offerings. More or less, it is the chaat of UP that is famous in the various cities of the state. Same is the case in Lucknow too.

Some Real Good Lucknawi Chaat Bhandaars Are:

  • King of Chat- Parivartan Chowk in Mahatma Gandhi Marg
  • Jain Chat Corner- Near Novelty Picture Hall, Lalbagh


Folks, after taking you all to a tour of Golgappas around the country, and looking at these drool-worthy images, my tongue is itching to have 5-6 plates right away!

I am off for my Golgappa Party!

What are you waiting for?

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