School Days Vs College Days – Which Ones You Like More !

School Days Vs College Days

School days vs college days – Schools and colleges are not just about education.

School days vs college days are the best part of your life. You are emotionally attached to both of them, school days vs college days. Both of them are beautiful and way too different.

The question is which days are better days?

The answer might differ from person to person. So, here we compare both of them and you decide which ones are better.

School Days Vs College Days –

1 – Wake Up time

6:05 am might be considered late in our school time but 11:00 am is totally fine in our college days. Isn’t it strange that life changes so drastically?

2 – Dress Code

You spend all your childhood in one school uniform but it is extremely difficult to find new things to wear every day.

3 – Rules

Eating Tiffin in the ongoing classroom is the most adventurous thing we did in our schools. Having Daru party in campus is adventurous in colleges.

4 – Vacations

Family trips are the best things about school time vacations but in college days, internships killed the concept of vacations.

5 – Attendance

Everyone wants the 100% Attendance trophy in the school. On the other hand, everyone needs a fake medical certificate in colleges.

6 – Life’s Goal

In schools ‘making our parents proud’ is the sole motto of our lives. ‘Oh! Whatever’ becomes the philosophy of life in colleges.

7 – Bags

School bags at least weight 100kgs but one notebook is more than enough for the whole semester in college.

8 – Marks

90% marks in schools and no happiness in schools. 60% is more than enough to celebrate in colleges.

9 – Time

In colleges, you are the master of your own time. No one dictates you the timetable as you get in schools.

10 – Friends

You got a gang in schools but finding a fourth road-trip partner is hard in colleges.

11 – The Similarity

In school, we desperately want to go to college and in college, we miss our school most.

In schools you are in the process of adulthood, you learn too many things in that process and in colleges you apply that in your lives because you have the full ownership of your own life and time. One should always enjoy both the part of the life. Each part has its own beauty, we should appreciate both.

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