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Cleavage Controversy, Deeoika Padukone – #BombayTimes article on showing #DeepikaPadukone’s cleavage…is it a forgotten matter?

I would like to start this article with the famous dialogue from the film ‘Spiderman’ – “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Yes journalism is a highly powerful media. The power to raise your concerns and opinions in front of the world is a great power.

We all have social media to vent out our thoughts or share our views with the world. But in case of an experienced journalist the posts or reviews are in public glare.

There is no rule book that specifically defines the rights and wrongs of journalism. Years after years we had seen media becoming the platform for political parties, for celebrity gossips, etc.

How far is too far?

Bloopers get people fired but what about the grave controversies wherein the people are still holding on to their jobs and shamelessly proving their point of views.

As many might have guessed from my previous line am going to take out the infamous #Deepika – #TOI controversy. Do you remember the woman writing a big front page article proving her point of view?

#PriyaGupta from #BombayTimes had come up with a big article on the entire matter where #Deepika took on a stand against #TOI for showing her cleavage as some gossip news.

As many might say what is the point of this news now?

I ask the point of all that protests and rage against #BombayTimes…was it to serve some purpose or just sell the news.

I keep reading #PriyaGupta’s articles almost every day, the other news portals moving on with other news as if the entire furore over her article was some sort of a publicity stunt.

The baffling accusation and slut shaming #DeepikaPadukone was the most regressive piece of trash that #PriyaGupta conveniently sold as news. The problem wasn’t really whether #Deepika accused for attention or not.

The main problem with such an article was the fact that the leading media publishing patted the back of several perverts who cross their lines and blame the girls as if they asked for it.

What happened after that?

Is it a forgotten matter? Are we just a portal to protest and take on big media publishing?

Is it not our responsibility to keep questioning a leading newspaper like #TOI and demand an explanation or serve the cause we started?

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