These 7 Mind Blowing Inventions By Teens Blew My Mind! They Will Blow Yours Too!

  1. Earmuffs To Save The Ears of Cold – Chester Greenwood 

These cute looking accessories, which, of course, are very useful too, were invented by Chester Greenwood when he was 15 years of age. He use to love ice skating, but this outdoor sport got his ears freezing. In the year 1873, when he returned from one of his skating trips, in the desperation to find a solution, he took a  wire and looped it at two ends, asked his grandmother to sew some tufts of fur between the loops in such a way, that when he puts it over his head, his ears remain covered and protected by the cold weather of Maine. Soon after, Chester Greenwood came up with a  better version of the first experiment and today, the entire world wears it.


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