These 7 Mind Blowing Inventions By Teens Blew My Mind! They Will Blow Yours Too!

  1. Chemotherapy Bag For Cancer Patient Kids – Kylie Simonds 

This is the most mindblowing of all, for this was brough to life by a someone who was not even a teenager when she invented this. She was mere 11 years. Kylie Simonds was 8 when she was struck by the rare kind of childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, in the year 2011. Going through his chemotherapy at such a young age was an intense ordeal for her. Kyle felt immensely for all the kids who were suffering like her and could not carry heavy I-V poles and wires for the therapy they were undergoing. She herself would trip over wires frequently. This concern led to the invention of pediatric ‘IV Backpack’. The backpack is nothing but a portable chemotherapy carrying object. With help of this smart backpack, the cancer battling kids can receive their medication whilst they do other activities, conveniently and without needing anyone to help them with poles and wires.


While the fact remains that most of these inventions were born out of necessity, we cannot deny that there is no age to create magic.

Making life easy for self and others, is one common thought that worked behind all these mindblowing inventions by teens.

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