These Zodiac Signs Will Wreck Your Nerves By Mixed Signals

The zodiac signs that under question will never tell you things straight up. They will not even go into any confrontation for that matter. They will, instead pile up their grudges and create an emotional passage with you.

It is really nerve-wrecking to those who are dating them. Especially at the initial phase of the relationship. If you are unknowingly dating one of these, some questions will outrage your mind such as- Do they even love us? Are they even into me? Are they annoyed, should I send them a text? Wait, their voice seem psyched at our call then why were they ignoring me all this while? More aargh moments that will line up in your way if you are dating any of these zodiac signs:


No one can beat a Libra for indecisiveness and you will have to deal with it. They have marked their territory is sending mixed signals. They will clam up in case if they are hurt. That is so bad that all connection with you will someday peter out.


Aquarius are not very far up than Libras when it comes to sending mixed signals. While Libras don’t know that they are indecisive, Aquarians know it. The reason why an Aquarius might send you mixed signals because they are clueless about everything and they don’t live in the real world to begin with.


Scorpios are soul..erm! zodiac brothers to Aquarius when it comes to giving mixed signals. It is not they are always indecisive but they are always in the look out for something better. You may call them opportunists but they don’t care because they are go-getters too! Also, a Scorpio’s character is to hide more, reveal less, so you will have to do a lot of mind reading. There is no love like Scorpio’s so if they know they want you, you are the luckiest but messing with them might lead you to flee the country.


Hell yeah! Geminis too stand with the above signs in giving mixed signals. They are represented by the twins who don’t know where to settle down. A part of them may be totally into you while the another being completely impulsive. Sadly, they are sometimes repulsive too which obviously is frustrating to hear. Geminis find a lot of inner battles and they have to slay a lot of inner demons to land in a decision. That is the key reason why they would send you mixed signals. You can either feel bad for them or hate them for it.


So, guys, these zodiac signs are complete chase.




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