These 7 Mind Blowing Inventions By Teens Blew My Mind! They Will Blow Yours Too!

  1. The Hot Seat for Infants And Toddlers – Alissa Chavez 

Alissa Chavez, a 17 years young girl brought this outstanding gift for all parents to life. Alissa’s mother ran a home childcare business and that is the reason she has been around children since she herself was a 2-year-old. Few years back, when the statistics of  kids dying due to being left unattended in cars rose beyond imagination, she understood that something had to be done about it. Hearing the utterly sad news of deaths of 3 kids one summer in her own state of New Mexico, she came up with the idea of a device called ‘Hot Seat’. This boon of an invention is basically an alarm system for car seats. The device sets off three alarms. One on the security key lock, the other on the phone app, and the last one is the car alarm. The motive is to alert the parents in case the unfortunate arises when they have either forgotten the infants in the car, or they had to leave them due to some unavoidable chores.


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