These 7 Mind Blowing Inventions By Teens Blew My Mind! They Will Blow Yours Too!


Teenage years are the most fertile years of one’s life.

The mind is alert, the curiosity is brimming and the observation and grasping powers are at the peak. The energies too are overflowing, with a quest to know and create the new.

In these years, if the energies and the zest for the new is channelled in the right direction, then we can definitely see some masterpiece creations and some brilliant inventions.

I have some live examples of such teens who had it all in them and they used it to the best to gift the world some mind blowing inventions that made life easier for many. I am sure after reading about them, you would feel the same.

Let’s have a look at mind blowing inventions by teens:

  1. Braille for Blind – Louis Braille 

Invented by Louis Braille, when he was 16 plus in age, this was one amazing gift to the world in the entire history of mankind. The idea of this invention popped in Louis’s mind out of his own need. He was blinded in both eyes due to an accident when he was a kid. He disliked when people reminded him of his disability and took the blinds as helpless people.  Once, Louis attended a blind class, imparted by a man named Charles Barbier, who was the man responsible to create a system with raised dots that could help soldiers read in the dark. His idea stirred the thought process in Louis.  With a piece of paper, a stylus, and a slate, he started to punch holes and eventually developed the revolutionary Braille system for the blind to read. His invention was aptly named after him and still is a prolific way of reading for the blinds.


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