Are You Phobic To These?


Phobia is run-of-the-mill but despite this little did people know about the things they are phobic to.

Phobia derived from a Greek term meaning ’aversion’. It is a feeling of fear, frightening or aversion from a particular thing/object.

While you may find a myriad number of phobia, heterogeneous in its nature and people affecting it, on the counterpart shares an identical character. Phobia is bifurcated into:

  • Specific Phobia
  • Social Phobia
  • Agoraphobia

While the specific phobia defines aversion towards animals, objects and other things like height, water, etc. On the other hand, social and agoraphobia talk about the panic attacks due to social activities around you. Here are some of the phobias you might not know but are phobic to:

Glossophobia (5938)

If speaking at public places or addressing large audience chills your spine and make you feel nervous to the point you fumble of sweat profusely or even faints, you have glossophobia. It is important to differentiate between stage fear which is often a response to public speaking, while glossophobia is extreme irritation or anxiety in addressing the audience.

Nyctophobia (5939)

Nyctophobia is the phobia from the darkness. You should not mix the nyctophobia with your fear of ghost, for it has been created in our minds that darkness is associated with spooky things.

Nyctophobia can be also the aversion from night, for they are dark. The lack of light makes you alert about all the trivial things that can cause you damage and thus makes you conscious about it. The more you think, the more worst it gets.

Claustrophobia (5940)

Claustrophobia makes you feel helpless in closed spaces, where you think you can’t escape from. You often breath faster and your heart pumps swiftly. Sweating is also the part of pain attack followed by fainting.

One may keep in mind the places such as lift, narrow canal or pathway, enclosed room with less breathing space or even a storeroom, if they are claustrophobic.


Acrophobia (5942)

This is the phobia from a height. You might realize it while you go to the rides such as a roller coaster, swinging wheel or any other that takes you in the air and make you realize how far you’re from the land. Even if you’re safe you feel like falling and thus affects your ability to climb down.

Vomiting, nausea, sickness, heart throbbing accompanied by accelerated breathing and sweating are the attacks of acrophobia.


Trypophobia (5941)

It is the extreme and irrational fear of holes. You would find it interesting but even the meek thought or sight of holes can panic a trypophobe. You would try to avoid all the possible circumstances of dealing with things inheriting holes such as homeycomb, sponges, corals, cheese, meat or even skin. It seems gross and scares the hell out of the sufferer.



Mysophobia is the fear of germs. Often the person suffering from mysophobia acts similar to one having Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD). They both indulge in excessive cleaning and washing. Activities such are bathing, washing hands, use of sanitizers tissues and avoiding contact to direct skin are observed uncontrollable. It is also referred as a psychological fear of contamination.


Agoraphobia is the fear from crowed places or even large open spaces. An article reads out of every 100 people in America 2 suffers from agoraphobia. These people avoid going to crowded malls, theaters, multiplexes, restaurants or even the large open grounds.

In extreme cases, the sufferer avoid public gathering and even stop visiting to places with the crowd and thus leads to the symptoms of depression.


Arachnophobia  (5944)

Fear of spider or other arachnids like scorpions is called arachnophobia. The history of this phobia relates to the evolution, from the time when spiders were not something trivial but big and vicious thus as a human response it was then originated and now has taken place into the minds of people as a phobia.

People having arachnophobia often known as arachnophobic. They check a place twice ensuring it a spider free. Be it their cupboard, behind door of washrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, storeroom, bedroom or any other place where they think they might find a spider.


There is nothing wrong with phobia until you face what scares the hell out of you. All you need to realize is the ways by which you can overcome it. For some, you ought to take medical support while for the other you need to give have patience. Once you learn to adapt the situations unfavourable to you, it won’t take much time to deal with the circumstances you’re phobic to.

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