Have You Ever Imagined The Phobias That Tech Devices Are Giving You Can Never Be Treated!

Most of us are tech savvy and love experimenting with new gadgets. However, there are some people who have a fear of technology and using new devices. We discuss 5 technology phobias which are very common today.

We all are phobic and are afraid of some situation, activity, object, or person.

The familiar phobias that many humans experience include Acrophobia or fear of heights, Dystychiphobia or fear of accidents, Hydrophobia or fear of water, and more. However, there is another very common phobia that most of us are unaware of – Technophobia or the fear of technology.


There are many people who have a fear of technology and using new devices. Studies have revealed that most of us feel nervous while trying to use latest gadgets leading to this phobia.

We bring for our readers 5 such common phobias related to technology:

1) Selfiephobia –

The Fear of Clicking Selfies: Almost all cell phones have cameras and clicking selfies is a passion for most. Though most of us love clicking a picture of ourselves and uploading it on the social media sites, there are some people who are not fond of this and suffer from Selfiephobia. Either they have a complex that they are not photogenic or they believe clicking selfies is an act of self-obsession.

2) Telephonophobia –

The Fear of Telephones: While most of us stay glued to our mobile phones, there are many people who have a fear of answering or receiving phone calls. This phobia is similar to Glossophia or the fear of public speaking. Ringtones of phones have even caused panic attacks and hyperventilation to those suffering from Telephonophobia.

3) Nomophobia –

The Fear of Not Having a Mobile Phone: An exact contrast to Telephonophobia is Nomophobia, which is the fear of not having a phone. ‘Nomo’ comes from ‘no mobile’. People suffering from this phobia find it difficult to stay away from their phones. Cell phones not working due to insufficient battery charge or due to low network can cause anxiousness to Nomophobes.

4) Cyberphobia –

The Fear of Computers: Cyberphobia is the fear of computers, whereby people get restless while using computers and computer-related devices. Cyberphobics believe that these gadgets evade one’s privacy and harness imagination.

5) Technophobia –

The Overall Fear of Technology: Technophobia is the term used for any type of phobia related to technology or technological devices, such as computers, phones, tablets, television, and more. Usually traumatic events and genetic transfers cause Technophobia.

There is no treatment for these phobias, though medication helps suppress all kind of anxieties. Nonetheless, this phobia in most people is not severe and does not require any treatment.

However, the best way to keep all kinds of ailments away is to keep a check and to keep everything under control.

Going beyond manageable limits, or let us say, excess of anything and everything is always bad.

Create a good life! 

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