While Alzheimer’s Leads Julianne To Oscar, Her Life Is Now Extended By 5 Years!

Julianne Moore

The stars shone bright in Los Angeles on Sunday night with the 87th Academy Awards raising the curtains to the Oscar winners this year.

Well, yes, with rows full of Hollywood celebs dazzling with their bright, glitzy and dazzling attire, it was sure a night full of stars!

Oscar being the most prestigious award till date, it is a special privilege for those who are the proud winners of this award!

Julianne Moore is one of them who after 17 years of a long struggling career in Hollywood and five times nominations for Oscar, she finally lifted the trophy this time for her spectacular performance in Still Alice.  Her tough role as an Alzheimer’s patient in the movie and its brilliant portrayal so much so that people living with the disease have remarked on her performance, saying it has been ‘shockingly accurate’, had deemed her as one of the prospective nominees for the Academy Awards. And so it is! She has become the proud winner of Oscar and that too for the Best Actress category for Still Alice.

Julianne Moore in Still Alice

Julianne Moore in Still Alice

Moore has certainly made her mark in the industry by defeating stalwarts like Reese Witherspoon (Wild), Marion Cotillard for Two Days One Night, Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) and Felicity Jones for Theory of Everything. A well-deserved candidate as she was for the Oscar, Moore has been the only nomination for Still Alice, after her nominations for movies like Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, The Hours and Far From Heaven did not culminate in her winning an acting Oscar for any of these flicks.

Still Alice based on a bestselling novel written by Lisa Genova on the life of a Linguistics Professor who very early in her life has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The movie witnessed the successful partnership of Director Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, who had earlier collaborated for The Last of Robin Hood in 2013, that had Kevin Kline play the role of Errol Flynn. This collaboration has led Moore to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress-Drama, the Screen Actor’s Guild Award, Bafta Award and even the Critics’ Choice Award too before the Oscar.

Her previous flicks, Far From Heaven and The Hours had been nominated for Oscars in the same year that is 2003, making her one among only 11 others who have been twice nominated for movies in a year, however as luck would have it, she could not win the Oscars for any of those movies.

Julianne Moore in Still Alice

Julianne Moore in Still Alice

Moore not only acted out the role of an Alzheimer’s sufferer in the best possible way but also claimed while receiving the Award that these people need to be seen more in order to be reminded of their worse conditions and an immediate cure that they so badly require.

In a modest statement, Moore also said that “there’s no such thing as Best Actress, as is evidenced by the performance of the nominees.”

This movie also led her to understand and appreciate the little joys in life as she herself put it when she took on the stage, “I think really what the movie does is make you think about what you care about and what you want in your life and not taking anything for granted.”

It seems Moore’s happiness at winning the overdue award knew no bounds when she jokingly commented, “I read an article that said winning an Oscar could lead to living five years longer.”

About working on scripts, Moore believes in doing stories that involve real people and real relationships, real families and real issues that we love and value.

Probably this is what at the end served her well, despite her commendable roles and nominations as Best Supporting Actress for Boogie Nights and The Hours, Best Actress for The End of the Affair and Far From Heaven. Moore’s epic performance and her gripping tale in Still Alice has finally had her grab the Oscar and receive much appreciation from the critics. After this, the expectations are obviously higher from her roles in her upcoming next, a fact-based drama, Freeheld and the last chapter in the Hunger Games series that will turn up later this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for them!

For now, Congratulations Julianne!

This was long deserved.

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