Chai time snacks to try today!

It’s tea time, folks! Let’s indulge in these yummy snacks…shall we?

It’s tea time, ladies and gentlemen! Get ready to indulge in some tasty snacks that will give you the much needed break from a hard day’s work. We list out five items that you should try with your chai now…ready to roll?


Bread pakodas
Highly unhealthy, but this bread and gram flour snack is one of tastiest. If you have the baked version of this traditional Indian dish, you can cut down on health risks too. It’s best had with chai as the hot beverage helps the oil from clogging your throat. Get mint/garlic chutney or the good old tomato ketchup to act as the perfect dip. We are already drooling, are you?

Maska Pav:
Typical Iranian snack, the maska pav and chai is such a deadly combo that it’s become the staple food of many collegians. It’s low on the pocket and doesn’t hurt your tummy either! You can go for fancier versions of this pav too…get a cutting, a couple of maska pav and you’re set for the evening.

Whether you like it grilled, toasted or baked, the humble sandwich is an excellent snack option that goes amazingly well with a cuppa. Veggie and meat-based bread tate yum, but get a cheese sandwich with chai for an ultimate evening combo. The mild flavours of the cheese will elevate the chai and give you a really satisfactory snack.


Maggi noodles:
Not just any noodles, it has to be Maggi. It might remind you of college days when you would have had Maggi for dinner. Make a masale-daar noodles and garnish it with cheese and ketchup, before washing it down with a steaming cuppa! We are already dashing to the nearest store to get a packet of Maggi, what about you?

Chicken nuggets:
Yes! Those tinye balls of goodness can actually act as excellent tea time snacks. Dip a couple of nuggets into mayo and ketchup, before popping it into your mouth. Now sip a cup of a piping hot tea.  You’ll be amazed at how yummu these taste with tea, when ideally they are eaten with colas and frizzy drinks. You can also try paneer, potato and other nuggets for a veggie option. Yum, eh?

We all have interesting tales related to chai time, do you have any such incident that you would like to share with us? Which is your favourite snack from the lot? Shout out to us in the comments section below…

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