6 Ways To Overcome The Fear Phobia At Work!

Fear Phobia At Work

Fear Phobia At Work – How many of you get really scared as soon as you enter your workplace? I bet that there will be many.

Well, “Fear” is a word that can easily make you or break you. You know, workplace fear is a worst kind of fear that one has to go through. Honestly, I’ve been through it. Yes, but somehow I came out of it and now I’m doing fine. So, I want to tell you, YOU WILL get out of it. 😉

So, there are many who have different kinds of workplace fears i.e. if I get this assignment, then how am I gonna work on that or If I say something, then what if they think that I’m stupid etc etc….it goes on. You know what’s worst about experiencing workplace fear? It affects your career. Yes, and I’m pretty sure that you don’t want that to take place with you, right? So, in order to make this “workplace fear” disappear, you have to put some efforts and do these things daily.

So, tomorrow when you go back to your office, follow these ways to overcome your fear phobia at work.

  1. Understand your fear

The main question that pops out is – What are you afraid of? Which situation scares the sh*t out of you? Once you get that clear, observe and learn about why you fear it the most. Now, for e.g. as soon as your boss gives you a certain task to complete, fear starts creeping in your mind, okay? During this moment, observe that you are not actually afraid of new work but you’re low in your confidence. Yes, so make sure that you have a full confidence and come out strong.

  1. Stop thinking negative

Stop it. Seriously, you don’t have to think negative about everything. You know why I’m saying this? ‘Cause I’ve gone through it. When I was scared about certain thing at work, I used to think about negative things that were related to it. Somehow I stopped myself from going that way.

I want you to do the same thing. Forget about your worries and stop imagining things that are killing you.

  1. Keep working

Make yourself busy with work and forget everything else. Whenever you feel scared, get a work and start working on it. Trust me; this will be a best therapy to overcome fear. There are many out there who take “work” as a weapon to deal with fear and anxiety.

  1. Take an advice

Now, while doing a work, if you feel that there’s some difficulty, then don’t just sit there, instead talk it out. Come out of your lonely zone and take an advice or ask your colleagues to help you out.

I’m sure that they’ll help you, but only if you ask them.

  1. Speak up

When we’re burdened with fear, we usually accept everything, even though we don’t want too. In this case, understand that you don’t have to do things or hear things that are rude or out of your capability. So, whenever something comes up and you know that you can’t work on it, then just speak about it. Be vocal and the problems will disappear.

  1. Act normally

Now, in the midst of dealing with fear, don’t act as if you’re in a different world. Be present, do the above mentioned things, and most importantly act normal.

So, follow these ways and smartly overcome the fear phobia at work. 

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