These Signs Say You Are Not Ready For Commitment

Not Ready For Commitment

Not ready for commitment? Have you ever thought why after spending so much time with your partner you don’t feel like getting settled?

Though you have tried a lot of times, getting settled seems like a nightmare to you no matter how much you are in love with your partner. Well, don’t you think this means that you are afraid of commitment or you are yet not ready for it yet?

If you are confused, then these signs will help you get a clear picture and understand if you are not ready for commitment:

Not ready for commitment –

1. You don’t like being with them 24*7

Whenever you guys are together, you don’t stay around for more than few hours. And when it’s for a longer time, you are usually surrounded by your friends. This is because you are not ready to live with them 24*7 and that’s not a sign for someone who is ready to commit.

2. The name of marriage freaks you out

Every time you hear that someone around you is getting married, you start worrying about how miserable life after marriage would be. It doesn’t matter how much you try to make yourself understand, you always end up hating marriages.

3. You still feel you have a lot to achieve

Every time someone talks about settling down, you think of just your career. For you, that’s the only area where you can stay committed and no harm could be done to that.

4. You don’t want to meet your partner’s family

Even though your partner has invited you a lot of times to meet their family, you have always managed to escape with an excuse. Well, deep in your heart you know that it would be a big step that is only going to lead you to a next level of commitment.

5. You don’t talk to your family about your partner

Just like you don’t meet their family, you don’t let them meet yours too. After all, you know that the moment you will tell your family about your partner, they will jump into getting you settled and committed. And you really don’t need that, right?

These signs say that you are not ready for commitment.  Well, if you can relate to all these signs, then it is for sure that you are not yet ready for commitment. So, it’s time that you think about the relationship, clear your partner about how you feel and then move ahead with decisions that are good for both of you.

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