6 Ancient Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

Ancient unsolved mysteries

Ancient unsolved mysteries – The ancient world has many incredible creations as well as unsolved mysteries.

Historically speaking, the world has seen the evolution of human beings, the rise and fall of dynasties and every event that is today a myth of a factin a textbook.

But often, when we look upon historical places or artifacts, we are left with a sense of confusion.

Who made it? What was its purpose? How was it created? When was it created? The list of questions goes on.

Here, below, we have listed some of these ancient mysteries that till date has no clear answers. We’ve tried to find a range of mysteries from the well-known to the ones you may never have heard of before.

Let us know what you think. Is there any mystery you think should make our list? Read on.

Ancient unsolved mysteries –

  1. Pyramids in Egypt

Ancient unsolved mysteries

Almost everyone has heard of the ancient pyramids in Egypt.

Awe-inspiring gigantic structures, these were the resting places of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. The tombs contained not only the mummified remains of the ancient kings and queens, but also objects from their daily lives, jewels and ornaments and so on. The main question however, is:

How did the ancient Egyptians construct the gigantic structures made from gigantic stone blocks? In an era where there was not much available by way of machinery and people relied mostly on manual labor, how were theseblocks carried to the site?

And even more amazingly, how were they successfully lifted up and arranged to create the towering pyramids?

  1. The Indus Civilization

Ancient unsolved mysteries

Ancient unsolved mysteries – The Indus Civilization gives us a fascinating glimpse into the ancient world.

Well preserved archaeological sites such as Mohenjodaro and Harrappa have let us find out just how advanced our ancestors were. The discoveries however have raised a few important questions. Firstly, nobodytill date knows what brought about the end of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Some speculatethatit was a flood, some suggest an invasion by the Aryans and others believe a reduction in trade contributed to its decline. There are many theories, but the fact remains that nobody really knows for sure yet.

Another mystery is the fact that nobody till date has managed to crack the 4000 year old Indus script.

  1. Kuldhara in Rajasthan

Ancient unsolved mysteries

South west of Jaisalmer lies a town that was historically a well-established and prosperous place, home to the Paliwal Brahmins.

The mystery lies in the fact that the entire town is abandoned. Some 200 years ago, all the residents abandoned the village, reportedly overnight, and vanished. Some say it was because they feared persecution at the hands of Jaisalmer’s Diwan, Salim Singh. Legend has it that they cursed the village when they left, and it is for this reason that it stands empty even today. That curse seems to still be in effect as even today the town is barren and uninhabited. Some say it was because of a dwindling water supply that they fled. And indeed, the wells in the area have since then dried up. More interestingly, the inhabitants seem to have vanished. Nobody seems to know where they relocated.

Today tourists can see the ruins of over 600 buildings, artifacts and inscriptions in the abandoned town. It is now maintained by the Archaeological survey of India. Yet locals still believe that Kuldhara is haunted.

  1. The Lost City of Atlantis

Ancient unsolved mysteries

Various parts of the world have underwater cities, whose ruins have been discovered, and many more that are enshrined in legends and books. One of the most well-known is the city of Atlantis. This city does not exist today and yet is written about in reliable accounts by Plato, which say it sank overnight and vanished. Did it really exist? And if it did, how was it possible for a city to vanish overnight? No one has been able to say for sure till date.

  1. The Statues of Easter Island

Ancient unsolved mysteries

The Chilean Easter Island, well known for its 887 gigantic humanoid moai statues is a mystery till date. Carved by the Rapa Nui people, nobody is certain as to how the statues were moved to their final locations. Nor is there any known reason as to why they were created in the first place. Another Easter Island mystery is a set of glyphs called Rongorongo that was discovered there. These glyphs have never been deciphered. Perhaps the solving of the glyphs can help in solving the mystery of the statues.

  1. Nazca Lines in Peru

Ancient unsolved mysteries

Intricate lines forming shapes such as monkeys, spiders and birds can be seen on the ground in Nazca, but only when you’re overhead. The purpose of these lines is not known, nor does an explanation exist for why something that can only be seen while flying exists when at that time there was no way for people to actually fly above Nazca. Speculative theories include the use of hot air balloons.

These are the ancient unsolved mysteries of the world.

There are countless mysteries, old and new that have remained unanswered and unsolved. We may never know what went on in the minds of our ancestors and the key to their secret may remain buried under the sands of time forever.

In this list , we’ve mentioned only a few top ancient mysteries. Do you have any more?

Let us know.

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