5 Dangerous Practices Around the World You Won’t Believe Happened

Dangerous practices around the world

Dangerous practices around the world – The World is replete with complexities today and people do most unusual things to make their intentions prosper.

However, in the ancient world, where things were comparatively less convoluted, you will be shocked to know what our ancestors did under legal approval.

Here under are a few examples that will rob you off your sleep and leave you wondering what they must have been thinking while doing those.

Dangerous practices around the world – 

1 – Treating toothache with Cocaine:

As bizarre as it may get, people used to treat toothache and mild cold and cough with cocaine around some 100 years ago. They even put an advertisement about the drug stores that sold it and boasted of an instantaneous cure. What’s more, cocaine has also been used as a mild sedative to put children to sleep.

2 – Garden Hermit:

The affluent people back in time nurtured really eerie wishes. One of them was to keep a hermit in their backyard who was not allowed to wash or cut their hair and nails in order to look ancient. They were made to live in a handmade grotto and showed off to the guests with bloated chest as a live decorative piece.

Dangerous practices around the world

3 – Spine chilling treatment methods:

Around a significant period back in time, when medical science wasn’t as advanced, whenever doctors got baffled about the disease the patient must be suffering, the would just let blood flow to show the disease an exit route. They would even cut tongue as a cure for stammering. Even the considerably successful doctors like Lewis Sayre, did such operations that turned fatal.

Dangerous practices around the world

4 – Human Zoo:

Caution: reading it might make you fume with anger. Back in time, when the idea of human rights didn’t rise into prominence, people from Asia and Africa were kept in a human zoo by the white people to prove ‘Darwin’s theory’. This is a picture of a Belgian Human Zoo in 1958.

Dangerous practices around the world

5 – Smoking during pregnancy by doctor’s prescription:

Today’s cigarette packets may come with statutory warnings but around 70 years ago, even pregnant women were prescribed to smoke to earn riddance from constipation. Wonder what happened if today’s medical science had the same views.

Dangerous practices around the world

In the ancient times people were obligated to adhere to these Dangerous practices around the world and we can’t begin to imagine what they must have suffered.

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