5 Myths About Woman’s Body Debunked!


Lot of myths float here and there about many topics and mostly we tend to believe them as well.

Many women might have accepted some myths about their body that actually needs to busted, so we thought to dispel common myths about woman’s body.

Read on to know about some myths about woman’s body :

Myth#1: Women and Men Need Equal Sleep

As per studies many women need extra hours of sleep as they do more multi-tasking during the day compared to their spouse. Extra time is needed to recover brain as women engage in more tasks in a day. But a man who performs arduous job which requires a lot of thinking then he too may also require extra sleep.


Myth #2- When Menopause starts, it ends sex life.

If you thought menopause will pause your sexual life then that’s not true. As per research, there is no direct link between menopause and sexual desires. Hot flashes and other discomforts may lead to a loss of libido for a temporary period but not permanently.


Myth #3- Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky.

There is pre conceived notion that lifting weights will make women appear bulky. As per studies, women won’t increase muscle mass at nearly the same rate like men unless they supplement with steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. As the level of hormones (which is required for muscle building) are not the same in men and women.


Myth #4- Women should not work out during periods.

Females should not workout during your menstrual cycle is one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding women. One should note that exercising during your periods helps to bring down the abdominal cramps. When you exercise your body releases hormones called endorphins which aid your brain keep calm and make one feel better. However, one should avoid doing rigorous exercise regime during MCs but one can opt for light yoga, cardio and simple stretches.


Myth#5- The hymen determines virginity.

Hymen is one of the most misunderstood female body part, and one of common myths is that hymen is the definitive marker of virginity. There are no physical ways that can show about a woman is a virgin or not. Hymen can be torn during physical activities like swimming, cycling, during work outs as well. There are cases where sometimes a virgin doesn’t has a hymen at all.

People should stop believing in these half-truths and women must consult experts if they have any doubts regarding body and its functions.

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