Untold Story of Ghost Village Kuldhara Will Give You Chill Down The Spine


Kuldhara village in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is an interesting tourist place in India. But it was not always a tourist place.

Yes, this heritage site was previously a village which people abandoned over night.  And when you question about the place then you will get the know about the frightening reputation that it has and why this hamlet was abandoned by villagers in 1800s and after that nobody ever tried to resettle as it is believed to be cursed and haunted.

Today if you ever visit this place, you will only see rows and rows of ruined houses and temples, crumbling bricks and dusty road with a strange waft of air.

The Legend Associated To This Place

History unveils many stories of this place and one of the most known one is about the legend of love and tyranny of the minister.

The story also answers our question that why villagers from 84 villages migrated overnight.

As per the legend, Salim Singh, who was the minister of the state, fell for a girl, who was the daughter of village’s chief and desired to marry her.

The minister threatened the villagers that if they do not allow him to marry her then he would levy sky high taxes.

The villagers were helpless so the chief of the village along with other 84 villages decided to leave the place instead of paying taxes or allowing the marriage as well.

There are no strong evidences that prove where these villages resettled themselves but it is believed that they may have had shifted to nearby city of Jodhpur.

They had cast a curse as they left the village that no one would able to settle here ever. And those who had tried to repopulate the place died a brutal death and these deceased people still haunt the place.

The fear of curse still looms and it throttles the local residents to enter or even spend night in the village.

Delhi’s Paranormal Society of Delhi unravelled few mysteries.

A 10-12 member team from DPS spent 12 hours inside the village. They were equipped with high tech equipment to scan the area. After surveying they did find weird activities.

Reportedly, they communicated with the spirits who even revealed their names. But what they noted that initially (because it’s in our head) they were feeling strange but after wards as their confidence boosted the eeriness diminished. The team’s main motto of this jaunt was to dispel the fear among the locals.

Do you think that this place should be repopulated? Or it should be left abandoned? Let us know in the comments below.

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