Decoding The Formula For An Impressive & Brilliant Twitter Account!

How To Get More Twitter Followers? For those who take this platform seriously, and wish to have a fleet of followers, we present below few tips for having an impressive Twitter account.

From hard-selling to inspirational quotes, humor to valuable information, Twitter offers the best and the ugliest of everything that occurs on this planet!

It is a great platform to project oneself as the wittiest critic or the greatest logician.

However, one may often envy the huge following of some Tweeple and wonder why every tweet posted by them goes viral!

Listed below are few pointers that explain the formula for having a rocking twitter account:

  1. Refrain from tweeting trivial details

Unless you belong to the glitterati world, not many would be keen on knowing the trivial updates of your personal life! Barring a handful of family members and friends, none of the strangers following you would have an inclination to peep in to your daily life! Let’s accept it that this is the right retained by celebs and the elite section of the society. Indulging in topics that really matter or presenting a different view-point of a simple thought, help in building interest and increasing followers to your Twitter account

  1. Frequency of Tweets

Deciding on the frequency of tweets will entirely depend on the professional status of the individual. A famous personality or politician will have thousands of fans eagerly waiting and devouring every tweet posted by them. Unfortunately, if you’re not the hottest person on the block, then your followers wouldn’t wish to hear from you too often.

  1. Being interactive is the key

If you’re one of those who sign up on the site, make a few witty tweets, and then forget about it, then Twitter isn’t your cup of tea! Being interactive is the primary criterion of managing a successful Twitter account. If you start a debate, ensure to respond to the tweets on time. If you come across an exceptional tweet by someone, remember to share it with followers. Sharing interesting stuff, making conversations, and retweeting celebrities are ways of posting engaging and appealing tweets.  

  1. Keep it simple & stupid

One doesn’t necessarily need to start a debate on those worldly issues of pricing or communalism to garner attention of other Tweeple. In fact, sharing thoughts which are easily relatable go a long way in making oneself visible on this platform. Do not panic on the length, content, or format of the tweet. Tweeting a simple question, idea, or story will surely do the magic. One should also remember that Hashtags don’t make the tweet appear classy; hence, it is advisable to use them sparingly. Further, it isn’t imperative to use all the 140 characters available at your disposal. Using 100-120 characters enables other members to retweet you.

Needless to say, there are several other rules for a successful Twitter account, such as ensuring the accuracy of facts posted, participating in a debate rather than an argument, and many more.

So the next time you tweet, just remember to remain simple and authentic! Happy tweeting!

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