When Is Smartphone Not Responding?

Smartphone not responding

Smartphone not responding – Our requirements are changing day by day, but the importance of Smartphone is increasing accordingly such that once it stops responding to the entire world turns upside down.

Right from your office to your kitchen, everything is SMARTPHONE….

When Smartphone not responding –

1 – Emails

Smartphone, if not responding then I am sure that checking your mail opening your laptop or desktop will become a lazy job for you.

An easy access to the daily e-mails is possible on fastest mode, so if Smartphone is not around you are sure to lack the energy to check your inbox several times a day and may become limited to hardly three times a day.

Smartphone not responding

2 – Worksheets

Google drive and the saved worksheets on your phone screen. One easy way to access and retain the data accordingly works on it.

One more means to get lazy to open your laptop and sit for a while or maybe few seconds to have look on your worksheets or documents and therefore you feel like no one is there to help you from this heartbreaking situation, as you cannot use your Smartphone yet.

Smartphone not responding

3 – Video calls

No video calls! Yes if your Smartphone does not respond for hours though it is very rarely found that it does not work for hours. You will start missing your live chats with your family and friends, while you are on your way back home.

Unless you sit in front of your webcam and start your video calls, once again you will find the importance of Smartphone.

Smartphone not responding

4 – Pictures

Now it is not always possible to carry your DSLR everywhere, wherever you go, say thanks to the front and back camera that has solved your problems.

I can understand how disheartening it can be while you are in front of a beautiful place and want a captured image, you find that your Smartphone is not responding at all. Again you find yourself helpless and unworthy.

Smartphone not responding

6 – Booking a cab

One of the important situations where the Smartphone is important is using a phone app. Are you having your breakfast and chilling out, while you are trying to book a cab from your phone app.

Your phone stops responding, it becomes a horrible start of the day as now either you have to wait for the Smartphone to response or you may have to rush to the taxi stand or bus stop.

Smartphone not responding

7 – News

The newspaper is almost taken away by the various online news websites including the times of India, India today and many more where one has to just open the app and read, in spite opening the newspaper and searching for any good topic to read.

Smartphone not responding

8 – Online home delivery

Late night nothing prepared in your kitchen. Doesn’t matter! Order anything from your phone app. Now if your phone is not responding then either cook your food or drink a glass of juice and go to sleep.

As a laptop or desktop cannot help you in getting a home delivery!

Smartphone not responding – So already you may have come to know that the “not responding Smartphone” may be disheartening as well as a nightmare to the users depending upon how and why they require the Smartphone apart from voice calls.

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