6 Things Only Those Who Hate Chocolate Will Understand

people who hate chocolates

People who hate chocolates – It’s true that almost everyone loves chocolates and that’s fine by me but why is there so much weirdness for those who don’t love chocolates?

Well, I don’t like chocolates much and I don’t think I ask weird things to those who do. So, what is your problem when I say I hate chocolates or for that matter any other sweet eatables?

I am sure there are many other people who hate chocolates and if they are reading, they will surely understand these 6 things:

People who hate chocolates –

1. You are constantly called weird

Every time someone offers you a chocolate and you say no, they give you a weird look. And the moment you tell them that you don’t like chocolates, it’s like the world’s biggest shock for them. Especially, if you are a girl.

2. People find it difficult to make you happy

While for others, chocolates work all wonders when they are upset, your friends get confused on how to cheer you up. Because if by mistake they get you a chocolate, you feel like killing them.

3. You are forced to eat it at times

Just like they tell every vegetarian to try non-veg once, they say the same to you. Well, you have tried chocolate already many times and you never liked it all. Why do others have to be so worried about it?

4. What’s a chocolate day?

During pre-valentine celebrations when all couples go gaga over chocolate day, you feel like there’s nothing for you. Thanks to your loving partner, your chocolate gets substituted by either coffee or any other thing that you love.

5. You are asked if you are on a diet

Try saying in front of someone that you don’t eat chocolates and they will be like ‘Oh you’re dieting,huh?’ No, I am not dieting and my hatred for chocolate is for forever not for fitness.

6. But if you go on dieting, it’s a cake walk for you

While other people find it difficult to keep sweets and chocolates at bay while dieting, you find it the easiest thing in life. After all, that’s what you have been doing your whole life.

My sympathies are with all the people who hate chocolates out there.

And those who know someone who hates chocolates, please stop torturing them. It’s just a chocolate and it’s not necessary for everyone to like it.

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