10 Hilarious Things You Do When You Want To Lose Weight But Back Off

When you want to lose weight – The holy grail of losing weight is just one exercise, moving your head side to side if someone offers you food.

Jokes apart, lazy people happily convert Oxygen into Carbon Di Oxide all day and give up on something forever that has fallen under their bed.

So, sweating out looks achieving the impossible and they are always grasping at straws to avoid going to the gym. They have this strange propensity to feign indifference when you call them fat until you reach your saturation point and give up on them. So, here are some hilarious pointers you can completely relate to When you want to lose weight.

When you want to lose weight –

1. Envy the fit people, that drains most of your energy:

You just don’t get how people are so devoted to exercising and healthy eating. Envying them in itself is an emotionally draining experience for you, and you need a burger to accompany you when you turn your green eyes on them because you feel hungry when envious.

2. You want to diet, but never make the cut:

Resolutions are meant to be broken, after all. You condition your mind for eating healthy but brownies have a magnetic charm about them, so does the Shawarmas.

3. You are your emotional counsellor:

You decide to hit the gym, go catch glimpse of meaty-bodied guys and over-zealous trainers in there, buy gym clothes, go to gym, update check-ins, upload selfies and forget the entire experience after consecutive 7 days of exercising because you are not going to join the glamour world, so why bother.

4. Sex is a good cardio, hear that?

You are into it on regular basis which seems to burn 600 calories in one go. That’s too much of cardio for you so back off haters!

5. Fries are bae:

You pay for the gym and subtract calories, but when you pay for the fries, you add up. So, fries give you profit!

6. January mornings be like:

You have a commitment towards your blanket and you are not a ditcher!

7. You always have the back of your best friend:

Your best friend knows that you belong to the restaurants not gyms so she provides continuous emotional support and engages in food marathons with you.

8. Not breakfast, your midnight snack is heavy:

Enough of salads, Pizza, bring it on!

9. Because eating is an exercise too:

Stop eating?  Why don’t you stop breathing?

10. When someone calls you Potato, you take it as a compliment

Because Vodka is made from Potatoes. *glee*

These are the thing When you want to lose weight.

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