Roti, Kapda, Aur Smartphone!


When you have a smartphone, roti and kapda can be ordered online that too cheap my dear friend, very cheap.

And makaan? Ahhh… Just post a sentimental status and you will find it going viral in no time, with a long queue of houses, even luxurious houses waiting for you for free!

People are more interested in charity on social media than reality, you know?

Who would have thought we could have a technology that will allow us to text each other while in the same room, sitting right next to each other giving your mouth a complete rest.

When they said, Robots is our future, who would have thought that man is talking about reinventing himself?

How dull was life before Smartphones. People had no other option than to talk to each other at dinner table. How easy is life today! There are hundreds of agony aunts waiting on our chat list to listen to us and offer us expert advice with our parents sitting next to us waiting to hear how our day was.

How our generation loves Smartphones.

We do not have to go through all those relationship dramas these days. Who are we answerable to? An unknown person texting from the other side? No matter how close a friend he/she has become over a few days, if we can ignore our own family for this person, do you think we can’t ignore him/her for another stranger who texts me interesting things these days?

Falling in love has also become so easy. Whatsapp 24/7 and it’s true love. Want to break up? Stop replying to the person’s texts. For a few days the person would wonder what went wrong and then move on with another whatsapp member. You are answerable to none.

We think Smartphones is connecting us, but is it truly connecting us?

This is something each one of us need to ask ourselves. We are comfortable texting a friend or even a stranger, but are just not interested in communicating with the same person when he sits right next to us.

We then look for another green button in front of someone’s name to ping him/her.

Our egos have become high, but our heads have gone down.

Our options have increased, but the number of people in our lives has decreased.

Smartphones is without any doubt a necessity today. But food and water is more important, still we do not eat 24/7. We intake food and water only when needed. Eating 24/7 will definitely kill us. Similar is the case with Smartphones. We should know where and when to stop.

This advertisement of Skype says a lot about going from roti, kapda and makaan to roti, kapda and smartphone.


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