Friendship Between Two Boys Vs Friendship Between Two Girls


Friendship is one of the most important relations that exist on earth.

Even the intense blood relation has a tint of friendliness just like a lovely relation of a mother with her child and at the same time with a dad also. So yes friendship surely is a vital relation that you cherish all through your life because these are the people you choose by yourself in this world.

Moving over to the type of friends we have in our life is a vibrant one.

Yes, of course we have that one 3am call friend, then one friend with whom we can discuss the harsh reality of life and so on! So taking this forward we have a vast difference in friendship between two girls and two boys.

And I guess everyone will agree to below facts that how different the bros are compared to the hoes.

The Jealousy Factor


Well, this is truly a valid point that when talking about friendship among the girls, as the jealousy factor is way too higher in girls as compared to guys. There are many occasions when you sense jealousy seeping in among girls and a lot becomes history in terms of friendship.


While, on the other hand, guys are way too cool about this part and jealousy is not one of their bro codes! And the best part is girls will also agree to it completely.

jealousy between girls


Gift a gift to me


The gifting saga never ends for girls while between boys there is no such code, until and unless it’s the girlfriend’s birthday! Obviously, a guy just cannot afford to miss his lady love’s special day. Well coming back to the point, for a girl gifting a female friend can be some good luxury item.


For guys the idea of a present completely goes for a toss and you never know they end up gifting each other a joint! *just saying*



Readily Available


Imagine calling a girl at 3 a.m. if you are in a problem! No one will try to do that and yes everyone understands how difficult it is for a girl.


On the contrary, it’s a rule for a guy to reach in any way possible if ever he is called at midnight. So, this is true that guys are available easily whenever their friends are need and in this way they earn some brownie points.

calling at night


Bitchy Bitch bitching


Every guy has to accept this part that women will bitch and you cannot avoid it. For the girlfriends, gossip and bitching goes hand in hand and no one will deny it.


While on the other hand, guys just cannot stand the bitching part in any way. They are way too practical and straightforward in many cases.



Being judgemental


Friendship between girls brings many judgements. Having personal experience, girls cannot get over the amount of judgements they pass.


While for the guys, as far as they abide by the bro code, they don’t really give a shit.

being judgemental




Just imagine if a girl abuses her best friend; that certainly is the end of the friendship!


The frankness that the two guys share in their friendships is unbeatable and sets some good example. Abusing is one part in which they will never compromise. So being purposely abusive with the best pal won’t go wrong.



Light Heartedness


Girls usually are very sensitive compared to boys and live on their extremes. Whatever they do, they do it whole heartedly.


Guys carry a very light hearted approach towards their friends, be it a girl or a boy. That doesn’t mean that friendship is also taken lightly. They are, in a sense, more chilled out about their friendship, focusing more on the bond rather than jealousy.

two friends

With these insights, the judgement completely depends on you people of what you think about these different aspects of friendship and do let us know in the comment section.

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