How To Punch Hard Sunday Night Blues?

Sunday night blues

Yay weekends are here, but, so the Sunday night blues! No matter how much we enjoy our breaks, but the eve and night of the resuming schedule is terrible and dreadful. This is a common syndrome for all, be a student, an employee or a homemaker Sunday night blues haunt one and all. So, we are here to weigh in on how you and I can make our grumpy Mondays more cheerful.

A long, soothing bath in the Sunday evening and a meal with the loved ones are sufficient for activating the good vibes within yourself. In return, these good vibes can initiate the Monday boosters to give a cheerful head start for the following week. This is the basic luxury we all can afford for ourselves.

Other than that, there are many other ways to punch the Sunday night blues.

Sunday night blues

Enjoy your Sundays more than Saturday!

We know this is out of weekend protocol, as we tend to enjoy our Saturday nights more than the Sundays. But, it’s time to reconsider the existing etiquette, and enjoy the Sundays more than Saturdays, so that you don’t run short of excitement next day. Mostly the boredom creeps in when, after partying hard on Saturday nights we have nothing left for rejuvenating our Sundays. To avoid such situations, keep the Sundays for enjoyment.

Sunday night blues

Self-judgement? A full-stop!

It is not necessary that you should spend all the Sundays hanging in the pubs and discos to enjoy. You may relish your Sundays in pajamas rather than gulping shots and setting the dance floor in fire. Unwind yourself and relax, nothing can be more rejuvenating than enjoying Tom & Jerry while having a cup of coffee in your pajamas.

Sunday night blues

Keep routine at bay, because it’s Sunday!

Wake up late, have your breakfast without brushing your teeth, yes you read that right, sometimes being wild is happening! Take a long late afternoon shower, chat with your childhood buddies for hours or take a long beach walk while the sun is melting in the horizon, be yourself, because it’s your Sunday. Just relax, inhale & exhale and feel the stress receding gradually and breathe free.

Sunday night blues

Be a positive thinker!

It is wiser to zero in the successes of your life than focusing on the failures and misses. Life is very short, and weekends are shorter, don’t waste it in brooding and calculating the losses.

Sunday night blues

Interrogate your anxiety.

Breaks are for spending time with yourself and the most cherished ones in your life. If you fail to enjoy your moments, then there must be something which keeps you pinching and make your Sunday night blues more dreadful. So, take a step back and ask yourself, what is making you anxious? Imbalance in personal and professional commitments or health issues? Though we are riding a jet time, but it is always better to slow down and move at your own speed without any haste. Haste breeds anxiety, which results in stress. Eliminate the cause of anxiety and enjoy your life.

Sunday night blues

Grumpy Mondays are cheerful, when the notes are high!

Best moments should be cherished, enjoy it with your colleagues to help them beat their early Monday blues! When you exchange the cheering moments, the contagious positive vibe is bound to spread and grumpy Mondays will end up as a cheerful day.

Sunday night blues

Always keep your spirits high, and everything will fall into place. Happy Sunday and cheering Monday!

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