A Sunday night-in with your partner

Cook up an early, enticing dinner, spice up your bedroom with lights and incense, pour some drinks and bid an exciting adieu to Sunday with your beloved…


It’s a Sunday evening and you both have spent the entire day at home snoozing, watching tv, doing household chores and other unexciting things. The feeling of boredom has started to sink in as also the Sunday evening syndrome knowing that Monday morning the daily office grind will start. This wasn’t clearly your idea of a perfect weekend but you gave in to laziness and couldn’t get your bottom out of the bed for anything worthwhile. Don’t worry, we have a plan for both of you which won’t take much effort from your end to actualise.

  1. An early dinner: Instead of stepping out to eat, prepare something quick at home.  How about pasta or some exotic sandwiches, which won’t take much of your time. If you both like to cook, it will be a great idea to break from the day’s monotony and bond over food with each other. 
  1. Spice up your bedroom: Nothing takes the dullness out of life than good sex, which is actually a mood enhancer and the best way to get closer to your partner. But, looking at your bedroom you think you would rather doze off than makeout, then you need to do something about it. Clean the room and put things into place. Change your bed sheet and put a fresh one, but, nothing gloomy. Arrange the pillows and bed cover. Turn off the tube light and switch on a lamp. Put a mild incense or room freshner. Incense is a better idea. Play some nice music and you are all set to rock the night. 
  1. Set the table: Clear out all the mess, wipe the dining table or wherever you are planning to eat, light up some candles, switch off excessive lights and make the mood conducive for an inmate conversation. 
  1. Pour some drinks: Before you start with your dinner, savour some glasses of wine or whisky or whichever is your favourite drink. Don’t hurry up and let the drinks to the magic. Indulge in a romantic, warm chat with each other. 
  1. The final leg: Satiate yourselves with a good meal and head to your bedroom for some steamy sex, or however you like it. The trick is to start early so that you have enough time for a proper sleep before you take the stress head on the day after.   

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