The Cost Of These 5 Most Expensive Wines Will Freeze Your Senses

Most Expensive Wines

Most expensive wines – The older it is, the costlier it is –

Wine drinking has been a part of the fine-dining rituals since times immemorial.

It has been an important part of celebrations, occasions and everything. From the time when big wars were being fought, the winning side celebrated with fountains of wine to mark their victory. Wine has always been a staple drink of the aristocratic society.

These wines cost whooping amount your senses will surely freeze after knowing the prices, these wine bottles cost more than 1-5 kgs gold bars.

Apart from being staple, it is also one of the costliest alcoholic beverages available in the market. From the list below, you will be able to gauge how costly they are.

Most expensive wines –

1 – Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992

Price: $500,000

Yes, you read that right. The Screaming Eagle costs a whopping 5 lacs. Though it is not very old, it is a rare vintage breed. Fun fact is only 175 bottles of this wine was produced in the first lot. But all those bottles of this winewere sold out at an auction, all for the same price. Thank god, I don’t drink!

Most Expensive Wines

2 – 1947 Cheval Blanc

Price: $304,000

The funny party is that this wine was not supposed to turn out this good. Heavy rainfall was destroying the vineyards and the breweries but this one batch came out to be the most delectable. After 20 to 30 years, an anonymous person bought this wine at an auction for the whopping price of 3 lacs. This is one of the best Bourdeaux wines ever made.

5 Most Expensive Wines

3 – 1907 Heidsieck

Price: $275,000

This wine was being carried in a German U-boat during the World War I. This boat was bombarded and it sank with a single torpedo. The wine sat in the Gulf of Finland for a long time and only few bottles were fit to drink after that. It sells at the same price today at few of the most expensive hotels in the world.

Most Expensive Wines

4 – Chateau Lafite

Price: $232, 692

This wine is a vintage from1869 which was auctioned for the first time in 2000 at a Chinese auction house. Initially priced $8000, it was sold for the above price to an anonymous Asian bidder. Also, he bought 3 more bottles at the same price.

Most Expensive Wines

5 – Chateau Margaux

Price: $225,000

This is yet another interesting story. This bottle of wine belonged initially to Thomas Jefferson. It was found in a wine cellar behind a Paris pub. The wine maker took this to a party but bad fate befell him. Hitting the corner of a chair, two holes appeared on the bottle and all the wine drained to the floor. The upset wine maker left the party. The insurance company had given the $225,000 for this bottle and that came to be the original price of it. Chateau Margaux till date produces one of the best wines.

Most Expensive Wines

These are the Most expensive wines of the world – You have to be either extremely rich born or extremely lucky to get one sip of these amazing wines. I hope some connoisseur of wines somewhere has tasted these wines at least once in his lifetime!

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