How To Tell Your Boss About The Unchallenging Responsibilities You Fulfill At Work

How to tell your boss you are not happy with your work. We suggest a few ways to get that workplace flow back on track by talking about your responsibilities to your boss.

If you unsatisfied with your work profile, you’re not alone.

An online survey conducted by a management group last year showed that as much as 66 percent of the working population are not satisfied with the job responsibilities they fulfil.

However, prolonged job dissatisfaction leads to a number of other incompetencies, which results in your overall productivity.

Unlike the ideal world, all our jobs are not challenging, engaging, and rewarding all the time.

We suggest a few ways to get that workplace flow back on track by talking about your responsibilities to your boss.

List out

Listing always helps you organize your thoughts, and provides a nice outline for tough discussions. Make a list of all the things you like doing and dislike. Allot a specific time it takes you to accomplish all of those tasks. And be prepared to reason for every task you’ve marked on the list. You may want to be prepared with a solid reason for all of them.


Boss will be a boss. No boss likes to hear a laundry list of what’s wrong with the job or the company. So there’s quite a chance that your boss might view it as a complaint or demand, if you simply produce your list of dislikes. Frame your list in a way that talks positively about your ideas and frame your meeting when the boss is in a good mood. Also, suggesting an appropriate solution for your issues would make him/her take you more seriously.

Ask for advice

There’s quite a possibility that though you talked about it, you did not get to any conclusion. Say that your issue is you can’t work with Mr. A because of his dental problem. Mention it in a decent way to your boss, and show concern for Mr. A. Tell him/her about a few things you tried, but couldn’t work out.

Top up with ideas

There are times when you need to implement exactly what your boss says, without making even a flexible change. Having let your boss know about your issue, try keeping the discussion as positive as possible. That’ll not only impress the boss, but will also convince him/her about why do you need a change in responsibilities. While in a conversation with the boss, prove how implementing his/her with a twist of yours is going to make you all happy and productive.

We all have issues at work quite a few times. However, getting to the bottom of what’s irking you and talking about it with your superior is something that few of us follow. Make sure you do it next time, to get better performance review.

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