Weekend Quotes You All Can Relate To

Weekend quotes – No matter how tormenting the Monday morning be, if you have plans for weekend, you will make through it, to your happy week.

Working is good but relaxing is fun, the reason why Saturday and Sunday are voted as everybody’s favourite, or atleast for majority. Here are some of the weekend quotes, every age group can relate to. Be it school going child waiting for their next football match, scheduled on Sunday morning or the hardworking employee waiting for the night when he/she don’t have to set an alarm for the next morning.

Weekends are dear to all of us, let’s see Weekend quotes in which way:

Weekend quotes –

What kind of weekend we all long for:  

Weekend Quotes

This is how we want our weekends be and so we plan,

  • A day spent in bed or chilling out is the one well spent, thus we all want it to be long and never ending.
  • Because two days aren’t enough for a weekend.
  • Long live the weekend.
  • And now it’s ‘ME time’.
  • Can I just nap until the weekend ?
  • Sundays should come with pause button.

Weekends be like:

Weekend Quotes

How weekends are in reality is better described by these quotes:

  • Hello weekend! I have been thinking about you whole week.
  • Enjoy but don’t blink, for it is weekend and may fly away
  • So when someone says good days are coming, I ask them does they mean Saturday and Sunday?
  • A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
  • They say “Yes we can”, I say “Yes weekend”.

On Weekdays: 

Weekend Quotes

The accurate definition of boredom mixed with fatigue and exhaustion are these days, peek into how they look like, through these quotes:

  • Even after Tuesday, the calendar itself says WTF.
  • Stay positive, work hard and make it happen.
  • Let’s restart it and fix all at once.
  • Nothing messes up your Friday than knowing it’s just Tuesday.

When it’s Saturday tomorrow:

Weekend Quotes

Friday is a feeling we all love to have. It’s is so satisfying to realise your days of relaxation are coming…

  • Happy Friday !…….Let the weekend begin!
  • If Friday had a face, I would love to kiss it.
  • .. yay, Satur… yay, Sun… yay
  • Weekend loading…please wait
  • Life begins on Friday night!

During Weekends:

Weekend Quotes

This is how we enjoy our weekends,

  • And I found my true love, it’s bed and I love it messy.
  • i just did my masters in Procrastination.
  • “Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.” – Bill Waterson
  • Weekend calories are not counted.
  • I’m multi slacking today.

On Monday! :

Weekend Quotes

Ugh…! the day which gives you “Not again” vibes. Hard to gulp when you recently had weekend’s hangover.

  • I swear it was Friday just a moment before
  • Where did that weekend gone? Poof…Snap…and it’s Monday here.
  • Mornings, you never wish to see.
  • Can we start weekend over again ? I wasn’t prepared.
  • There aren’t enough days in the weekend.
  • The first five days after weekend are always hard to pass.

Weekend quotes – Life is how you live it. Be it boring Monday, long Tuesday, fuzzy Wednesday, almost give up Thursday, filled with vigour Friday, or short lived Saturday and Sunday you should always make most of it.

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