This Is What This Journalist Has To Say After Staying With Dera Chief For 13 Days.

Ram Rahim Singh Insan

Ram Rahim Singh Insan has been in news since 2002 because he was accused of having raped 2 women (who came ahead to file a case against him besides many other who are still quiet).

Ram Rahim Singh Insan has finally been given a punishment for 20 years as it was proven that he had actually raped women besides many other crimes that he committed after becoming the ‘Dera Chief’. For all these 15 years between 2002 and 2015, he has been roaming free and has been having the best times of his life.

Recently a journalist came ahead and revealed that she spent 13 days at the baba’s Dera, she has revealed everything that she saw there and it’s quite obvious now that he was running an entire world of his own behind closed door.

Here’s the insider from Ram Rahim Singh Insan :

  1. “I thought that I was one of the luckiest people who got a chance to meet Guru ji personally as I had come there with my team to cover him and his abode for my news channel. As soon as we asked the locals about the place they contacted the people staying with him who then escorted us to his Dera”.
  2. “His Dera is constructed in around 100 acres of land which has a glass building in the center; this glass building is called BABA KI GUFA. He stays there with other disciple. This place has a lot of entrances but has only one exit which made me quite suspicious about this place. We were taken inside his Deraby his men directly on the first floor of the building”.
  3. “The scene resembled that from movies as the entire place had people with guns, some in civil attire and some in uniforms. These men were appointed in front of each and every room. I could see CCTV Cameras everywhere, in front of rooms, in lobby, in guest rooms and what not. It was as if someone is keeping an eye on us 24X7”.
  4. “We were taken good care once we settled in the guest rooms. We were given fruits, milk and dry fruits to feed on as dinner was available at the Dera only till 10 pm. In the morning we saw 209 women around him dressed up in white clothes and had their hair untied. These women were called as Shishyas who take care of his food, needs, escorting and whatever he needed”.
  5. “He has a big room where he has multiple hotlines with which he used to connect with other countries. He has a room where he gives a lecture to his disciples for 6 minutes ONLY after which the DJ plays his songs and bhajans. As the DJ plays his songs the stage where he sits gets elevated and starts revolving. Dera has televisions but they only have one channel running on them which show only his songs”.
  6. “The guest place where we stayed had a revolving restaurant which served only vegetarian food. In fact, I was shocked to see that his Dera has 2 separate petrol pumps for their use and they also grow all the vegetable they need in farms inside the Dera. Guru Ji has a motor car which he uses to move inside the premises of his place. He has installed huge washing machines which wash upto 10,000 clothes at once. He even has a control room from which his workers keep an eye on everything happening in Dera”.
  7. “I spent these 13 days observing each aspect of his ashram. He used to give us bytes for our channel for all these 13 days explaining how people should stay away from drugs, violence, ill-treatment of others etc. We were taken good care by his people but everything I saw at his ashram seems really fishy to me”.

These are the 7 observations this anonymous journalist decided to reveal after the Ram Rahim Singh Insan got sentence to 20 years of imprisonment. She decided to keep her identity hidden but also wanted to leash the entire structure of his building. This man is getting really complicated to understand, the more things are coming against him to us, the more it’s boggling-up our mind. Isn’t it?

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