Deadly Side-Effects Of Gymming! Be Careful If You Want To Live!


Gymming is the latest craze amongst the urban population, driven by the desire to look young and stay fit.

In this fashion and fitness conscious world, who doesn’t want to shed those extra kilos. Six-packs are everybody’s dream and people work extremely hard to achieve them. Spending hours in the gym, working out those weights, sweating like a horse and of course diet, together gives you the body of your dreams.

But have you ever wondered what this excessive, unnatural stress does to your body.

Gymming for sure helps us remain fit and healthy, but there are certain Side-Effects Of Gymming that one needs to be aware of and take precautions for in order to avoid injury beyond repair.

  1. Muscle and Joint Stress

Gymming involves the use of heavy machinery to work on your muscles. Using weights and other tools for body building causes the muscles to take un-natural shape which cannot be maintained if you stop gymming. This can cause serious troubles in the long run. Also, it puts a lot of stress on the joints. Too much running on the treadmill is often associated with joint pains in the knees and ankles. It also affects the spine. Thus, make sure you are not over stressing your body.


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