99% Water Of Earth Is In Greenland & Antarctica

Water on earth

Water on earth – The story of water is very strange. Before our life began, water was present in this earth and now water has started drying up in some regions of Globe.

People face a lot of scarcity of water every summer.

But it is not only the water, but even the facts related to water are also strange. Yes, things related to water are weird too. Where there are humans the water is drying and where there is no human population there is a plenty of water, weird, isn’t it?

NASA has reported that more than 99% of the drinking water in the polar regions is available in Greenland and Antarctica. Let us tell you that Greenland and Antarctica are the two most sensitive regions to climate change. The Data from Grace satellites states that since 2002 the area of these two regions is continually declining and the rate of decline is increasing every day.

Water on earth –

The Ice On Antarctica Is Melting!

Water on earth

The water in Antarctica is the highest because the ice there is melting rapidly. In Antarctica, the rate of ice melting is doubling every 20 years, and it can soon become the largest source of the rise in sea level. Many new facts have come out from the first full map of world’s largest glacier.

According to a study report published in Nature Geosciences, Ice in Antarctica is melting continuously, which is increasing the level of water. Scientists have said that due to the increase in the temperature of sea water, the impact of snow surface near the southern pole between 2010 and 2016 has reduced the base of ice to about 1,463 sq km in the region. The research done by the UK Center for Polar Observations and Modeling, University of Leeds has shown that the effect of climate change on Antarctica has been more than anticipated data and the level of the sea could possibly raise more than the global estimate.

Changes Occurring In Surface Depth

Water on earth

According to this research, there is a lot of change under the surface of the Earth. Professor Andrew Shepherd, a professor of this research study says, ‘The basalt is melting in Antarctica. We cannot see it, because it is under the surface of the sea. The study included around 16,000 km of coastline.’

Based on the Archimedes’ theory, the data obtained from the European Space Agency’s Croyet-2 has stated that if the ice continues to melt with this rate then there is a strong possibility of major changes in sea levels.

Totten Glacier Is Melting

Totten Glacier is located in Antarctica. Scientists have said that the Totten Glacier is the largest glacier with the highest flow in Antarctica. Today the Totten Glacier is one of the major focuses of scientists because it is melting rapidly and can have huge effects on the global weather.

Water on earth

Water on earth – For these many reasons, the water level in these two areas, Antarctica and Greenland is increasing and 99% of the water is in these two areas.

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