Deadly Side-Effects Of Gymming! Be Careful If You Want To Live!

  1. Supplements Related Hazards

Those who take gymming and body building way too seriously, often indulge in taking protein and other dietary supplements for quick and visible results. Although, the results are promising, these artificial supplements affect our body in various good and bad ways. Hair loss, constipation, acne, prostate enlargement, are a few commonly known side effects of using body building supplements.


Hitting the gym and staying fit is a trend these days and if taken in the right spirit and given proper attention and care, gymming can prove to be a very effective way of staying healthy but it is very important to take utmost care and precautions. Proper guidance by certified trainers and most of all, listening to your body’s call as to how far to go, will keep you on the right track and away from any injuries.

Happy Gymming!!

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