6 Areas in Life Where Women Are Better Than Men

Women are better than men – arguments have always been prevalent within the society as to which gender is the superior one ‘“ male or female. Today, women are on par with men and better in some areas.

Arguments have always been prevalent within the society as to which gender is the superior one – male or female.

To be fair, there are certain areas where both of them excel more than the other.

I am pretty sure that women are tired of the clichés such as women belong in the kitchen and not in the competitive world.

Well, the world is constantly changing and today, women are on par with men. Here we highlight different areas where the fairer sex is better than its male compatriot.

Women Are Better At Communicating


Okay. Let me get this one straight. When I say communicating, I’m not referring to the fact (..or myth) that women speak 7,000 words each day, which is 5,000 words more than men. What I am stressing on is that women speak their mind better and do not hesitate to shed a tear or two if the situation demands. Also, sharing their thoughts makes them feel light.

Women Deal with Disappointments Better


Women share everything. Run and hide, boys. Run and hide. Yes, women are infamous for sharing everything with their friends. I’m pretty sure you have used the phrase with your better-half where you go, “Can’t you keep stuff to yourself?” No, they don’t. It’s in their nature, and we men cannot blame them for that. Sharing helps them to get out of tough situations with finesse, something that men cannot do.

Women Are Smarter and Have Sharp Memory


Women have a higher IQ than men. Well, most women do. They speak smart, make fewer jokes out of serious situations and are result-oriented. This enables them to focus better than men. They are also sharp, as they can remember the most intricate details accurately. I have known men, me included, who have gone grocery shopping and forgot an item or two on the list. Women can remember this list like the back of their hand, no matter how long it is.

Women Live Cleaner


This should not come as a surprise to most men. Men live filthy and befriend bacteria, whereas women live clean; that’s the entire story.

Women are Better Looking


I’m not certain whether it’s because of genes or something else, but it goes without saying that women evolve in a hotter mode than men. We don’t find too many women drooling over men, now do we? Accept the fact that women develop better and move on.

Women Live Longer


Again, this one is a given. Multiple researches have shown stronger immune system as one of the core reasons for women to have a higher life expectancy than men.

Men do not have to be jealous of women for the above mentioned reasons. There are several facets of life where men excel women, too.

Gracefully accepting all the above reasons is one of our positives.

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