7 Non Verbal Gestures That Can Change The Outcome Of Your Meeting, And Make You The Winner

Non verbal gestures – When you are in a meeting at work, asking for something that’s in your favour, generally makes you anxious.

Whether meeting your senior be for negotiating a raise or taking a leave for a reason not-so-important to the company.

While it is important to have a concrete subject matter in your conversation, there are a few other things, which you may not be paying heed to.

Here are a few important Non verbal gestures, which if used correctly could make you victorious.

Non verbal gestures –

Eye contact

Eye contact can make or break your presence in a meeting, since it conveys your confidence, attention and trust to your listeners. While avoiding eye contact might make you appear hesitant and weaken your chances of getting what you want, too much of eye contact might make you look desperate or intimidating.


Properly dressed

If you wish to be taken seriously, you need to ensure that your are dressed in proper attire. Your listener may not pay importance to your style of dressing (unless you’re in an interview), but there’s a chance that it might leave a faded impression on him/her.


Firm handshake

Whether meeting someone for the first time or the umpteenth time, your way of handshake gives the other person an impression of how confident you are about yourself. Make sure your grip is firm in a subtle way, and eye contact is maintained. An overly firm or weak handshake could set a poor tone for the rest of the meeting.


Confident tone

Maybe you do not have a professional authority over the person. However, having a confident tone can be very powerful when speaking with a senior, especially during a raise negotiation. Keep yourself relaxed and avoid shrugging your shoulders at various instances.


Sitting posture

Remember when in school you used to bend over the desk, and you teacher used to ask you to sit upright. Good posture makes the listener give you full attention and allows you to engage with him/her in a more appropriate way. Unless required, while emphasizing your point in a speech, keep your hands folded in your lap, or on your sides.


Appropriate expressions

Your expression decides how exactly are you trying to mould the decision in your favour. Keeping a straight, cold face might make your senior or listener be tough on you. Carry a smile, but express your seriousness when time calls for it.


Good listener

Good communication skills do not just mean being a good speaker. While in a meeting, don’t look around or keep glancing at your phone or make the other person feel as if they do not count. Make the other person look like they are very important to you and that you are taking the suggestion or order into consideration.


Business persons and leaders have used these Non verbal gestures since times unknown. Mastering the art of conversation will make you look confident and turn the decision in your favor.

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