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It will soon be 8pm, you are still in office, and your stomach is mildly growling to tell you it’s time you paid attention to it. But all you can think of right now is wrapping up the day’s work and getting into your cab, car, rickshaw, train or whatever, to reach home. It looks like a farfetched programme considering the bumper-to-bumper traffic you are going to be stuck into.

When there is so much happening in your mind already, it is quite obvious that the dinner will get subsided today, again. Probably, you have already consoled yourself saying that tonight will be the last time you will go out to eat or order food from out. But like all the other days, you are going to break this promise again. You somehow cannot even bring yourself to imagine that you will cook after a hectic day at work. Even those extra pounds that you have put on from your weekend binging is not giving you courage enough to think otherwise. Well, this happens with most of us, so we thought about helping you out with some real, practical solutions. Read on…

If you don’t have a kitchen or don’t know how to figure out your way inside one, the best option is to keep an electric cooker and a steamer at your beck and call. If not anything, you will be able to make some salads and steamed veggies without putting in much effort. Season with herbs, salt and pepper and it will make for a wholesome meal. Try picking up veggies in different colours, as it will suggest the variety of nutrients entering your body.

If you have a stove and know how to cook even basic meals, you will do good. What you need to realise here is that the amount of time you waist in going to a restaurant and then waiting for your meal to come, in the same time you can prepare a quick meal for yourself at home. Now, he question is who has the strength? If you really want to do some good to your body, you will have to make some efforts. You can divide the work through the day. You can chop some veggies and keep in the fridge the previous night, or whenever you have the time, so that the next evening, you just need to toss them up in oil and masalas and eat. You can make rice at home and chapattis you can skip from a restaurant while on your way.

There are quick dishes like salads, steamed veggies, pulao and sandwiches, which you can easily make even after reaching home, without putting in much effort. Substitute white rice with brown and most of your daily nutrition needs will be taken care of. Stir in a few chunks of meat or veggies and your complete meal is ready. For salads, you can try out different recipes every day and avoid getting bored with one. You can also mix and match. Have some grilled meat with a portion of salad or steamed veggies with mashed potatoes and options galore.

When you don’t have any option, think of eggs. They are the easiest and the quickest to make and there are different, enticing preparations to try your hands on. So roll up your sleeves for an enjoyable rendezvous with your kitchen. Stay healthy!  

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