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US India education

US India education – United States of America, the name has a mighty impact on the Indian mindset.

No Indian can deny nurturing US dreams and the lucrative career opportunities fan that burning fire of desire. Reason why the number of Indians settling in the US is that the cut-throat competition in the domestic education and job market and the skyrocketing education fees. American Universities, on the contrary offer world-class education in comparatively affordable package and more and more Universities are opening gates for foreign students which is really impeccable.

To tell you, you organically gain respect from the employer if you have lately bagged an US degree and that’s that.

US India education – Having said that we will hair-split over the educational paradoxes of both the nations and why US is on the top of the priority list among students.

You are exposed to different cultures:

When you are studying in a foreign, that is to say in an US university, you are exposed to a multicultural setting where you get to rub shoulder with people from different nations and learn to respect each other. Also, the universities make extra effort to help you adapt to the ambience.

The horizon of knowledge is broader in the US:

When you are studying in an US University, you feel the difference. As compared to the Indian universities, US universities offer more research oriented courses that broaden up your horizon. Their curriculum is way more practical than Indian education system which is the main draw among students.

Students copy assignments a lot in India:

This might sound like a generalized judgment, but in most of the cases yes. You may be surprised if you know the number of such cases happening in Indian which is deemed plagiarism in the US straight up. Besides, the US universities tailor-made programs like CPT (curriculum practical training) which exposes you to practical knowledge.

You gain self-reliance while staying in the US:

When you are pursuing a course in an American University, you are gaining self-reliance a lot. During your bachelors degree in the US, you gain an unofficial minor in management. In line with your studies, you are doing a lot of things there such as self-studying, cooking, laundry and social life which makes you evolve as a person. There will be no stereotypical Indian parents who have always cared for you beyond themselves and a more independent person will become of you in the bargain hence.

You will have multiple career choices:

You will not be confined in a shallow pit of limitations. There is a world of opportunities are waiting for you in the overseas and you are just one decision away from achieving that. You may have unconventional interests but the US universities will never disappoint you on the footing.

US India education – The main problem that lies with the Indian students that they are concerned about the expenses but now that you know what awaits you in the US, that concern should not deter you.

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