Use These 5 Amazing Eye-Contact Tips To Rightly Communicate With People

eye contact tips

Eye Contact Tips

One must admit communicating with eyes is not an easy task. Well, there are many who don’t care about it and also some usually get uncomfortable in doing so.

A simple eye-contact speaks in bits & parts that you might not even know. First thing foremost is “Proper Eye-contact” helps the opposite person believe that you are paying full attention plus you’re interested”. In short, your honest stare gives positive vibes.

Eye-contact is a major non-verbal communication that plays a very important role in order to build a relationship. So, are you wondering how to make a good eye-contact happen?

Well, here are some helpful eye contact tips to help you train in this art. TRUST ME; it’ll also help you while flirting with eyes (Wink!)

Read on the following eye contact tips:-

  1. Practice It

Yes, you can do it. There are many who practice those sweet three-letter words by looking into the mirror. Agree?  Well, make it work for this one too. You can practice looking yourself  into the mirror itself. There’s nothing extreme about it as it is more supportive and also makes you more confident.

  1. 8-10 seconds

Once you indulge into talking with the opposite person then make sure your eye-contact lasts for about 8-10 seconds because this makes the communication better. As it’s not easy to keep staring the person so this is the best way to deal with it. Cool?

  1. Stay Focused

Yes, this is the uppermost thing you need to do. Sometimes when you’re talking with the opposite person; your attention swiftly switches to your mobile. Isn’t it? And, later what happens is the opposite person feels that “you’re not interested” in his/her talking. Don’t let this take place instead keep yourself focused till he/she completes talking.

(Best tip- In between keep nodding your head; it delivers a positive reaction)

  1. The Focus Of Eyes

According to the science; when a person is talking with anyone, he or she usually looks into one eye because he can’t stare/look into both the eye. At this time, its better you focus at one eye and then swiftly shift into other eye instead of turning your head elsewhere.

  1. Don’t Involve The Third Person

Many times when you’re talking with someone; you shift your focus on the third person and that changes the scenario which breaks the link of talking. Its better you let the opposite person complete his/her talk by paying 100% interest and then start with the other part.

  1. Group Communicating Factor

Well, many will relate to what I’m saying- when you’re in a group and there’s just one person talking; others more often look down. Isn’t it? To be frank this indicates that you’re listening only for the sake of listening.

During this time its better you keep shifting your eyes on other fellow mates in groups instead of looking down or continuously staring at the speaker. You can nod your head and keep on saying “Ummm”- that means you are getting what he/she is speaking.


What do you think about these eye contact tips? Let us know in comments below.

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