5 “Conversation Games” To Play With Your Partner So That You Can Spend Some More Time Together!

Conversation Games

Conversation Games – Talking on the phone and texting is not always enough to build a connection. There should be something that is equally interesting and funny at the same time.  While talking on the phone, there’s a possibility that you only talk about “how are you?”, “what are you doing”? , “How was your day today?” etc. While texting each other, you might do the sexting thing, to romanticise things between you both. But, do you think that something else is required to bring you both closer to each other? If yes, then I think, conversation games are something that you’re missing out.

Yes, even though it’ll sound silly, conversation games are seriously the best thing to try out. This will directly help you know your partner a little better and you’ll end up getting close too. Also, if you think that while talking to your partner, you always end up repeating the same question i.e. “…And say?” “…And say?”, then to keep the conversation going, you should play these games.

These are the conversation games that are mostly played a lot.

  1. Secret stories

This one is actually an interesting game that can be played to bond with each other. Tell a secret about yours that you haven’t shared earlier with your partner. Let them know about it and be open to share it. Once you’re done with it, tell your partner to share a secret and keep the game going.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll end up knowing your partner a little better.

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Conversation Games

  1. Two truth and one lies

You’ve be a little creative while playing this one. It is very simple and I bet that you’ll enjoy playing it. The best part is, you’ll certainly share laughs while guessing the right answer.

In this game, you need to create one lie e.g. when I was drunk, I slapped a person *blah*, *blah* and two truths. Now tell your partner to guess the lie and also ask them “why” they think it’s a lie.

Tell your partner to do the same thing and see how it goes.

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Conversation Games

  1. Quick answers

Ok, this one is interesting and one of the best games. While playing this game, you’ll certainly have a best time and you’ll end up laughing a lot. The game is pretty simple and funny too.

In this game, you need to say a word e.g. “sky”, and your partner should say the first thing that comes to their mind. The answer should be given quickly. That’s how the fun will start. To make it romantic, use some creative words and see what your partner thinks about them.

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Conversation Games

  1. Never have I ever

This game is quite popular nowadays, and many must’ve played it with their FRIENDS. But, this time, make sure that you play it with your partner. It’ll be amazing. You can collect some questions from the internet or you can create new ones. For e.g. “Never have I ever abused a person”, if your partner has done it, then tell them to take a sip of drink.

Tell them to ask you some interesting questions and keep the FUN going.

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  1. What your *Favorite* something is?

This one is a simple one, yet an exciting one. This one can be played if you want to find out about your partner’s likes and dislikes. Ask them the questions that’ll help you know them better.

For e.g. you can ask your partner “what is your favorite food”? , “What is your favorite sex position?” Just keep it going…

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Conversation Games

Conversation Games – So, which conversation game are you planning to play with your partner?

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