Why A Question Mark Only On Men’s Performance And Stamina In Bed?


Sex, normally, happens between men and women!

For homosexuals, this article may not make sense as ultimately the onus is on the men for the performance!

However, when it comes to men and women, since centuries it is all about how good a man is in bed! With the increase in feminist movements, more and more women are coming out in the open and discussing their partner’s performance in bed. Nothing bad in discussing, sharing, taking help, etc., but why should only men be scrutinized?

As if it wasn’t enough for men to go through harrowing experiences of getting the “size” comparisons, erectile dysfunctional problems to address and being made of fun when discussing the number of “times” they did it at one go, now there is additional pressure of scoring 100% every time they decide to hit the sack!

Yes, for centuries women have been used as sex-objects or being dominated in the bedroom and only recently they have started getting a bit of freedom. But does that give them a right to ridicule their partner or make him only his responsibility to provide performance in bed? It’s like, the guy has to provide for the family, he has to manage things at work, with his kids, with his family and then he has to make sure that he satisfies his woman in bed as well! Whoa! Where is the responsibility of the woman to rise up to the challenge in today’s challenging times and take equal responsibility in deriving pleasure for both of them?

So women want equal rights at work, at home, in society, everywhere, but when it comes to sex, only men have to perform, they should be of certain “size”, they should take the initiatives, and they should “do” everything! Isn’t this hypocritical?

Do we hear of women taking care of themselves post-marriage as far as physical attractiveness is concerned? Or do we hear that now we are married, my man has to accept me the way I am and yet has to satisfy my urges and desires?

Why a woman is not put under the measuring chords, with respect to the sizes and staminas in bed?

We never hear a man saying that a vagina should be of a certain size and depth, in order to get the real satisfaction! Do we?

Well then, If women want men to stop objectifying them and stop talking only about the curves, if they expect men to must look deeper inside their heart and soul; then they should also stop considering a man just as a sex machine out to satisfy women! A man also has his down days or when he gets into the act just to make his woman happy even when not in the mood, so come on girls, and give guys a break!

Sex anyways is over-rated in our country! With new found freedom and unclear fundamentals about sex, women have become more demanding without really being an equal giver in the whole scenario! It would be better that both men and women should study about sex and various ways of it and women should equally take initiative in doing things in the bedroom, which they always expect from their men!

And yes, there is hell lot of stuff that women can do between the sheets, to make things work like a magic!

The stuff that can actually measure up Men’s Performance in bed! We are saving that for another interesting story!

Get going girls, be more responsible!

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