Bradley Cooper Is Beefed Up And Hot – US Navy SEAL We Adore

Bradley Cooper has beefed up like we never imagined. Gaining 40 pounds is no mean task’”and yet he has done it for a reason we never thought. Read on.

Now when it comes to compiling a list of the hottest hunks of Hollywood, we barely miss thinking of Tom Cruise.

But then, wait!

Is he not of an earlier generation? Well, we bet he is! Then, zooming into the latest batch, we keep wondering as to who is one complete man that can make us go week in the knees. Bingo—Bradley Cooper is the name. He gorgeous looks, green eyes and superb frame really makes us want to rip his clothes off! Now now, the surprising bit we are about to spill is that Cooper is no longer the man we knew over the year.

We recently came across few clicks of his latest body and were wonderstruck. Sadly, he looks beefier but we are relay unimpressed. As for his frame, seems like it has gone to the dogs. What were you thinking Cooper? We bet his ex Zoe Saldana would have baked him right away if the man messed up this bad while being with her.

Now the attention shifts the real details though. We also gathered news that the actor has done this weight gain thingy on purpose. Not for fun to or see what a bulky build feels but to prepare for his role in an upcoming flick called American Sniper. Yes, Cooper is set to play the character of Chris Kyle navy SEAL and is thus engrossed in extensive training regimens. Unbelievably, he has put on close to 40 pounds—all muscle mass—to look perfect for the role. And well, he was leaving up market Tom Ford store in the area we call Beverly Hills, silly,   when he was first clicked in his latest form.

He still looked a million bucks with his stubble, hat and awesome glares. His charisma did make him bag appreciation as best dressed man during the Oscars, yet we are amazed on the rapid transformation. But the one thing that got us floored is his commitment to the craft!

As far as the movie is concerned, the legendary Clint Eastwood is the director and the same shall hit global screen by the year 2015. Accompanying Cooper will be seen such as Eric close Luke Grimes and Sienna Miller.

The blockbuster scoop now comes from Eric Close who already gave hints to the fact that his co-star Cooper was engaged in a pound-gaining regimen for the SEAL role. Eric close quipped in an interview, “… He really takes this story personally and wants to do an honorable job for Chris’ memory…..”

Now that makes us go wow on Cooper has indeed exemplified by taking this role immensely on a serious note. Also, the flick is autobiographical and Cooper indeed wants to please the family of Kyle with his performance.  Perhaps this time, he will try and vie for the Oscar without just remaining a nominee.

We loved his dedication and now finally accept his look—he still looks as sexy, we conclude. What do you feel??

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