Made in India GPS Tracker cum Dash Cam – Is it Better than Foreign Brands?

GPS Tracker cum Dash Cam

Security has become the biggest concern in India. People are finding ways to keep their loved ones safe and secure in every walk of life. While ensuring safety in home through a CCTV camera is relatively easy, that on the road becomes a bit challenging. Looking at the safety aspect, KENT – the number one water purifier brand has come up with a new-age vehicle cum security device – CamEye. This device is designed and engineered in India and promises to offer 100% security of your family and loved ones.

Keeping in mind the security needs, KENT CamEye is a device that doubles as a GPS tracker cum dash cam. While providing the live location of the car, this device also lets you see what’s happening inside and outside the car. It is a first-of-its-kind device that comes packed with features like no other. Moreover, with such great features, it is not wrong to say that KENT CamEye is better than most foreign brands.

If you still don’t agree, let us take you through the power packed features of this new-age car tracking device.

Live Streaming and Video Recording on Cloud

Live streaming is one of the most unique features offered by this device. Whether the vehicle is parked or in motion, this device continues to record and offer live streaming. Don’t have the time to live stream? The device uploads all the recorded videos to secure cloud for easy access whenever you want. The videos stay in the cloud for 90 days. The pre-installed 4G sim of the device transfers all data to the cloud in real-time.

Smart Alerts

Smart alerts come especially handy to those with a chauffeur driven car. KENT CamEye helps keep a strict eye on the chauffeur and how he is driving around your car. Smart alerts like that of over speeding will let you know how the driver is treating your vehicle while correcting his behavior. The native app will also offer alerts when the driver is sleeping in the car with air conditioning on. Even when an unauthorized driver tries to drive your car, the device sends an alert. Not just this, this device sends alerts even when someone attempts to unplug, reboot, or blackout the device. All in all, this device is just perfect for monitoring undisciplined chauffeur behavior.

Easy Two-Way Communication

You must have faced issues connecting with the driver at times when the mobile network is disrupted. Understanding the need for communication, this device lets you call the driver through the app. Only those with authorized access to the app can make a call and speak with the driver. Another good thing is that the driver won’t be able to make calls.

Helps Keep a Tab on Your Teenager’s Safety

Ensuring the safety of your teenager who has just started to drive must be your number one priority. The device will help keep a check on the driving speed while letting you know their whereabouts. Through the integrated face recognition technology, you can even see the occupants in the car whenever you want.

KENT CamEye is the No. 1 Made in India GPS Tracker Cum Dash Cam

Packed with a 3000 mAh battery and 8GB internal memory, KENT CamEye continues recording videos non-stop for up to 24 hours in one charge. Even when there is a disruption in internet connection, data collection never stops as the internal memory comes into play. Light sensors help record clear videos even when there is no ample light. Another plus is that the face recognition technology helps identify the occupants of the car.

So, if you are convinced with the power packed features of the device, book a free demo today. Once convinced, buy this device easily from Amazon India.

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