You Can Never Visit These Forbidden Historical Destinations

Historical destinations

Historical destinations – History has bravado of its own and holds myriad mysteries beneath the mortal debris.

The historical masterpieces are characterized by the time and age they belong from and the level of catastrophe they had to undergo.

However, there are some historical places that tourists are barred to visit and only read about in the books. Each of those bears a sad or grim story that these hold on to in the deafening silence of the desolated remnants.

Here we are giving you some names of such Historical destinations where you can barely visit:

Forbidden historical destinations

1 – Qin Shi Huang, China:

This place is shrouded with mystery.  It houses the tomb of China’s first emperor with the same name under 250 ft high hill, who died around 210 B.C. The Terracotta warriors were found here in 1974. It is said that they are guarding the grave of the emperor for more than two millennia. It is also believed that there are booby traps spread across the place so the place generally remains closed for tourists.

2 – Ilha da Queimada Grande, Sao Paolo, Brazil:

This is otherwise called the Snake Island which is believed to be the deadliest place of the Earth. The snakes that reside there is thousands are venomous golden lancehead pit vipers. It is located 90 miles offshore and the place is under the surveillance of the Brazilian Government. A single bite from any of the snake can cause Kidney failure, internal bleeding and death.

3 – Vatican Secret Archives, Rome, Italy:

The history buffs will kill for visiting this place but no luck for students, journalists, tourists or amateur historians. Only erudite scholars are allowed to visit the place with special permission. There are unique documents preserved such as 1943 Papal Bull that separated the New World between Spain and Portugal or a 1530 petition that ask for the annulment of the marriage of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

4 – White’s, London, UK:

This one houses the oldest of British cultures in history. The White’s in London was established in 1693 which was meant for the gentlemen only apart from some notable exceptions made for Queen Elizabeth II on two occasions.

5 – Area 51, Nevada:

This happens to be one of the most secretive places of Earth which is otherwise known as the Groom Lake. There is an Air Force base of United States whose agenda remains unknown, perhaps there is a conspiracy theory at play. In another belief, as UFO descended there lately and aliens are held captive there. The name could never see the light of the say if the US government didn’t publicly acknowledge it in the year 2005. Top secret aircraft and weapon technologies have been developed and tested in the area.

6 – North Sentinel Island, Andaman, India:

The indigenous warrior tribe Sentinelese would try to kill you if you set foot here. They have been the inhabitants of the islands for more than 60,000 years and would not relinquish their stronghold over it. They are snapped off from the modern world by their own choice. The Indian government even stopped all attempts to bring them to civilization and instead raised a prohibition for the tourists in the place.

But then what is prohibited, appeals to us more. There is nothing one could do to visit these places nevertheless as the governments intervened and forbid us to.

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