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Brain Technology

Brain Technology – In the past few days, the Human-to-Human Brain Interface get succeed for the first time in a research by Washington University.

Significantly, the scientists there have created a system in which a specific person can control another person’s thinking using a particular interface.

The interface connects the brains of both of them through the Internet.

Brain Technology

Another important thing is that an Indian is also involved in this brain technology research team. Washington University Professor Rajesh Rao sent his brain signal to his partner using electrical brain recordings. They noted a movement in the finger after receiving a signal, this was a magical moment because his finger was firmly placed on the keyboard. Rao’s Assistant Stoko says that the Internet can connect two brains just like computers. At the same time, we want to transfer knowledge from one person to another’s mind.

In this Brain Technology Research, Rao believes that this experiment is the first scientific experiment of brain communication between humans. By the way, scientists have been working for a long time on brain-computer interfaces. In such a situation, the day is not far when we will be able to direct our smartphone or computer with our brains. In some years the situation may also be that your robot will get to know that you are thirsty and will bring you a glass of water without even your verbal command.

Brain Technology

According to a review published in the Journal of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a well-known technology company is doing a test to find ways to control our brain. For this, it will be necessary to wear a hat which will have a kind of monitoring electrodes.

Another lightweight wireless headband muse is an app that stimulates brain exercises. At the same time, carmakers are also working on techniques that allow the seat to feel when the driver feels sleepy during driving and will alert the driver.

Brain Technology

However, John D., a neuroscientist of Brown Institute says that all such brain technology is a mere step to read the mind, but in order to know the upheaval of the brain, we need to implant sensors in Brain which can also be a kind of sensor chip.

Brain Technology

Scientists have not been able to do something special about being able to function long-term chip within the brain. Currently, this problem has been taken in the account under the Brain Activity Map Project released in the US. Now it is expected that after this project there will be a revolutionary change in the world of smartphones and tablets.

In this technological age we cannot deny any such possibility because 50 years back we never thought of having a device like a phone but today we have it. So, we just cannot underestimate the technology. At the same time, some futurists claim that by 2045, humans will be able to upload their brains to the computer itself. The possibility of this cannot be overwhelmed that the future will be exciting as well as surprising.

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