These Psychological Facts About Humans You Should Know To Be The BEST Among The Rest!

Psychological facts about humans

Psychological facts about humans – Psychology is the most complex things to understand in the world today and as a result the scientists and doctors created an entire branch of study based on that. The information was very useful and hence, further studies were made on that and still are.

We have collected a number of psychological facts about humans and you’ll be shocked upon knowing about them.

Let’s dig deep in the world of Psychological facts about humans mind and behavior. Here’s we go:

  1. If two people are talking to each-other and one of them turns their feet outwards then that means that the person is in disagreement, is disinterested and probably wants to leave.
  2. One way to look more attractive is to talk to someone about the things you’re interested in and that too in a manner where the other person feels comfortable in doing so too.
  3. Travel is one activity that boosts brain health and also reduces the risk of the occurrence of a heart-attack or depression.
  4. Being alone for a long time is equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The effect is so harmful.
  5. People who are able to speak in two languages are also able to shift their personalities unknowingly as they change their language.
  6. It has been studied that women who are generally in a great mood most of the time tend to have more of male friends than female friends.
  7. Marrying your best friendeliminates the risk of divorce majorly by 70% and the marriage is most likely to last for a lifetime.
  8. People who have a higher IQ and are smarter than the rest tend to have lesser friends. At an average they have 3 friends, the close ones.
  9. Holding hands with the one you love acts as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety, they also tend to worry less.
  10. The happier the person is internally, the lesser the sleep he/she requires. The sadder they are from inside the more they tend to sleep.
  11. One basic hint at lonely people is that they try to keep people happy and also give great advices.
  12. Women can keep a secret no longer than 47 hours and 15 minutes after that they somehow let it out.
  13. One way to become happier is to do things that you’re scared to do.
  14. A simple good night and good morning text can activate the part of brain which is responsible for generating happiness.
  15. If you’re tired of overthinking and especially at night then simply start writing it down on a paper or diary at that very time. This will ease your mind and you’ll be able to sleep.
  16. It has been calculated that listening to high-frequency music will make you feel calm, relaxed and happy.
  17. Women have twice as many pain receptors on their bodies as compared to men but then, they also have a much higher pain tolerance.
  18. Men have a lower sense of humor then women, it’s just that they are blunt at joking; they don’t care about how the other person would feel.
  19. People who have a stronger sense of guilt are more likely to understand the thoughts, emotions and feeling of other people in a better way.
  20. You can easily judge a person’s character by the way they behave and talk to the restaurant staff.
  21. The smarter the person is the sloppier their handwriting As they think faster!
  22. People who tend to give the best advices are generally the ones who have a very troubled life with lots of problems in it.
  23. Women love men who have a deep husky voice because that makes men look more mature and less aggressive which is an attractive trait for women.
  24. The friendship which you’ve build in the age period of 16 and 28 year of age is most likely to last for a lifetime.

So, I know you never had a clue about these simple Psychological facts about humans beings and now I am also sure that you’ll start paying attention to all this we have leashed them for you!!

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