Why Should You Visit Kodai At Least Once In Your Life


Kodaikanal – What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘peace’?

For all you working professionals, I’d totally understand if you said a long vacation.

Being in a place like Mumbai, you’re never devoid of that mental peace you get, while walking on the wet sand and water gushing through your feet. So, my idea of a holidaying is definitely visiting a hill station.

Having heard about this beautiful hill station, tucked away in Tamil Nadu, I couldn’t stop planning about visiting the place during my next ‘break’.

Holidaying in Kodaikanal is like stepping into the camera and watching the nature mesmerize you, all by itself. A perfect example of blending of flora and fauna with the human mind is what this beautiful hill station offers you.


The Flora and Fauna museum is sure to make you trip on the blooms everywhere. The rain-kissed foggy weather drugs the pollen-carriers only to nudge little buds into colourful, blossoming flowers. You can get a view of massively blooming combinations of purple, pink, red, orange, white, blue and what not. And if you visit the place sometime in mid June or July, you get to experience a perfect picture of nature at it’s best. Vividly a painter’s paradise.

The fragrance of Pine forest is sure to pervade your senses. The pine cones are scattered everywhere and the sun rays are pretty much in a playful mood while you descend through the forest.

If you’ve been looking out for a moment of absolute solace with a mind blowing picturesque in the background, Berijam Lake is the place to be. With lotuses of different colours floating around, and the view of greenery spread all over the hill tops, this place is bound to give you a satisfaction you’d been craving for. Summing up, it’s a place that brings out the poet within you.

If you are someone like me, who has always fancied the boathouse, you’re totally going to love this place. Not for anything great, but because it’s really an old and quaint location with lots of little ducks paddling away from cruising boats.

The Kurinji Andavar temple here, was built by a European lady who transformed into a Hindu, having reached Celon. Popularly known as Lady Ramanathan, she built this temple, devoted to Lord Murugan, for the locals had no great temple to visit in the nearby areas. Known for its Kurinji flower which blooms just once in every twelve years, the temple is famous by the name of Shri Kurinji Easwaran.

Kodaikanal offers a panoramic view of hills covered in greenery and fog and layers of haze, with awe striking glimpses of nature at its best.

Reaching Kodai is easy. The nearest airport is Madurai, which is about one forty kilometres from the town of Kodaikanal. However, I chose to fly to Bangalore and then hired a cab, which took about seven hours to reach Kodai valley.

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